Care doesn't have to come at a cost

Monday, 01 November, 2021

Care comes at a cost for healthcare organisations. When it comes to outsourcing nurse call and critical system management, this cost often includes an exorbitant financial outlay and restrictive lock-in contracts.

In addition, chief information officers (CIOs) and maintenance staff still report that extensive hours are required to internally manage these systems. “It’s a never-ending job,” reported one CIO of a major healthcare facility. While large costs are outlaid for installation, maintenance and support, the management problem continues to cost organisations thousands of dollars internally in staff time.

The solution

Jewish Care Victoria has found a way to solve this problem with a recent partnership with Xacom, who are critical system care and support experts. Several months ago Jewish Care was using three different vendors to manage its nurse call, CCTV, access control and other critical systems. Jewish Care’s property manager explained that “there were multiple other companies I dealt with but no single account manager really controlling what we did across the board”. Staff time was required to contact vendors, organise maintenance, train staff and conduct other system management activities.

In working with Jewish Care, Xacom understood the challenge  faced. Xacom proposed that they would service and support all Jewish Care’s systems, regardless of the brand or platform. By using today’s technology in conjunction with specialised and experienced staff, Jewish Care could keep its existing infrastructure, while handing the system management to a company it trusted. At no additional cost, the team has just one number to call and one account manager to speak to, for all their service and support needs.

Reduced costs, improved care

With the management of the various systems outsourced, the property manager and the team can devote this gained time to numerous activities that assist in providing better care for their residents. Through recommendation and system restructure, additional costs were able to be reduced, including a 50% reduction in CCTV software costs. Staff training hours for software support were eliminated.

Jewish Care still says that one of the greatest benefits is being able to trust in Xacom’s care theyand dedicated account management. “Just knowing that I have someone on the other end of the phone who responds and acts immediately gives me peace of mind.”

These comments highlight that vendor-client relationships built on trust are the key to overcoming the system management challenge and outsourcing support effectively. Too many single vendor solutions lock down a company’s options and force them to sacrifice choice of solution for convenience of management. This service and support solution for Jewish Care proves there is an option, where trusted relationships can provide economic and effective system management options. Care doesn’t always have to come at an exorbitant cost.

Xacom connects people so they feel safe. They do this by building relationships that put client priorities at the centre. This means taking the time to listen and understand their goals and challenges, in order to provide the right, tailored solution. Through 35 years of experience in the nurse call, paging and electronic security industry, Xacom installs, integrates, services and supports almost any system, regardless of the brand. Its aim is to make system management simple and cost-effective for its clients. Xacom’s “We care as much as you do” philosophy is the driver behind its work in the healthcare and other industries.

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