Building a more positive hospital experience with video

Laundry Lane Productions
Tuesday, 06 July, 2021

Patients and carers want clear, informative and trustworthy information now more than ever.

“It is vital that we continue to focus on ways of improving patient experience and video can certainly help build a more positive hospital experience.”

Laundry Lane Productions are specialists in creating patient-centred content for the healthcare sector. We believe video is a highly effective solution for hospitals and healthcare providers who want the best outcome for their patients and staff. In these notoriously time poor environments, communicating with high quality video content will not only improve patient satisfaction but also ease pressures on staff and HCPs.

Entering a hospital or healthcare setting, for many patients, can be a highly daunting and stress inducing experience. Illness, discomfort, uncertainty, loss of independence, alienation and lack of sleep are all realities of the patient experience. Unfortunately, health providers often lack the time and resources to effectively address patient and carer questions. That’s why additional communication tools are essential in creating a positive experience for patients.

Video styles may include:

  • Pre-admission videos
  • Facility walk-through videos
  • Post-operation videos
  • Rehabilitation videos
  • Patient, carer and staff testimonials
  • Mental health and well-being solutions
  • Medication or procedure explanations
  • Training videos

The best style of video will depend on the setting and circumstances. Laundry Lane can help in deciding what style would be best suited to specific situations.

What are the benefits of using video?

Video allows healthcare organisations to convey often complex and scientific information in an engaging, clear and digestible and relatable narrative. Educational videos can improve health literacy, self-efficacy, and patient satisfaction. Additionally, increased knowledge and empowerment can lead to positive health behaviour changes.

Creating simplicity

When people are in the early stages of diagnosis or undergoing treatment, informative video content can help patients navigate their healthcare journey in a more positive way. Clear and simple videos can translate complex medical concepts and terminology into digestible content.

Establishing relatability

Watching a patient case study video of someone with the same condition, viewers can learn more, feel less alone and acquire a greater sense of control.

Stories that are relatable give us identity and hope. The same applies to carers or medical staff.

Addressing expectations

An informative and friendly ‘walk through’ video for pre-admission/pre-treatment that explains processes can help ease patient anxieties about what to expect from the healthcare experience. This can include information such as paperwork, online registration, medication, arrival, pre-theatre and general surgery/treatment information. Explanatory videos can also unburden doctors and support staff from having to repeat the same information for each patient.

Effective communication

Equipping patients with information that can assist them along the way is not only helpful in reducing worry and anxiety but also assists healthcare professionals respond to calmer, well-informed patients. Videos can also be translated into multiple languages and utilise various learning styles to overcome common communication barriers.


Video can speak directly to the viewer’s individual situation and organisations can develop branded content that is relevant to their own patient or staff cohort.

Organisations can also develop culturally appropriate content for CALD and Indigenous communities.

Ensuring your video clearly addresses your audience — their concerns, what they value, and the types of service and outcomes to which they aspire — is vital. Patients are your best brand advocates. By providing them with the very best support in their health journey you will see greater engagement, increased referrals, a boost in brand reputation and better patient outcomes.

Video is a powerful, effective tool in creating a positive experience for patients.

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