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LINAK Australia Pty Ltd
Thursday, 30 June, 2022

OneConnect by LINAK is a new, powerful, state-of-the-art app subscription developed by LINAK for our OEMs to better communicate with their end-users and distributors, as well as provide quick, simple troubleshooting and diagnostics tools to improve the lives of both nurses and doctors and the tech support teams that support them. It’s so much more than just an app, though, and in this article, we’ll take a quick deep dive into the technology behind this app that makes OneConnect one of the most effective tools for troubleshooting LINAK systems and communicating with end-users.

Improving troubleshooting

When troubleshooting any electromechanical system, the wide range of controls, actuators, control boxes, and auxiliary accessories can make it incredibly difficult to diagnose a problem in a system. Sometimes error codes can be used, but on more complex systems, these can be unintuitive and difficult to understand. This only becomes more difficult when a product issue must be diagnosed over the phone from a great distance away.

With OneConnect, we’ve made a point to target these issues and develop the best solution possible. Via the app, service technicians can log in with an authorized account and Bluetooth connect to the control box to access system status, actuator status, and troubleshooting data locally — in person with the product — and remotely from thousands of miles away. The latter is called “remote access”, and it allows a nurse or doctor to download the app and, in seconds, allow an authorized technician to “remote in” and view pertinent troubleshooting information for the system that can help diagnose the location of the issue in seconds — a massive improvement on the traditional and more confusing calls that can only be supported via discussing system behaviour.

A great example is a scenario where support is called regarding a four-actuator bed system that is not functioning and is only generating a system error beep. A technician can ask the end-user to download the OneConnect app from the iOS or Android store, and by simply typing in a code and giving access, the end-user can allow the technician from another device with the app to view the system data. From there, a technician might notice the system error on the “control box status” screen, then flip over to “actuator channels” to see that there is a “position lost” error on channel 2, flip to channel two statistics to see that there have been a few overloads on that channel, and if the actuator can’t be homed again by the end-user and cables are all tightly affixed, the technician now knows that:

  • The issue is being caused by the actuator on Channel 2.
  • The issue may have been created by multiple overloads on Channel 2, likely due to an obstruction.
  • Instead of sending the entire system back for analysis, the technician can have a replacement channel two actuator sent to the end-user, saving both time and money for both parties.

Improving Communication with End Users

In addition to troubleshooting tools, the OneConnect app allows OEMs to create custom “Help Content” for nurses, doctors, and other end users that aren’t logged into the app.

This can include open text fields, web links to videos (such as “how to adjust the head cushion”), user manuals, phone numbers, and email addresses for customer service lines — all unique to that particular application.

This is all done through the OneConnect web portal — a beautiful web tool accessible from any device with a browser that allows OEMs to assign roles for the OneConnect environment (such as the technician role, “advanced app user”) as well as update the help content for each of their products live and 24/7. This means an OEM can communicate with doctors, nurses, and other end users faster than ever before with a simple interface that immediately pushes the content to the app for their customers to view.

OneConnect™ by LINAK® is available today from the Apple and Google Play app stores and is compatible with all Bluetooth LINAK control boxes.

For more information go to www.linak.com.au/oneconnect.

Image credit: ©stock.adobe.com/au/WrightStudio

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