App helps GPs diagnose cough

Wednesday, 28 October, 2020

App helps GPs diagnose cough

A smartphone app is now available to help Australian doctors diagnose common respiratory diseases remotely.

Designed to facilitate earlier and better-targeted treatment, ResAppDx is a clinically validated remote respiratory cough test for telehealth consultations. The device provides an indication for most common respiratory diseases such as lower tract respiratory disease, pneumonia, asthma exacerbation, bronchiolitis, croup and COPD exacerbation in both children and adults.

Patients download the ResAppDx app onto their iPhones using an access code sent by their doctor before the appointment. When instructed, the patient records five coughs using the smartphone’s microphone. The app’s algorithm-based technology analyses the results in a matter of seconds, providing an 81–97% accuracy rate in large Australian studies involving more than 1500 patients.

ResAppDx uses AI-powered analysis to identify unique features in cough sounds, allowing doctors to remotely assess patients’ respiratory health through the Coviu and Phenix Health telehealth platforms.

The clinician can access the analysis report instantly and discuss the results directly with the patient during the telehealth consultation, allowing doctors and patients to get more value from appointments.

ResApp Health CEO Tony Keating said, “Telehealth has boomed during COVID-19, with both clinicians and patients enjoying the convenience and safety of remote care. ResAppDx is a new health tech innovation helping clinicians accurately assess respiratory symptoms remotely, providing better treatment plans for patients.

“ResAppDx is especially useful in the current climate, as clinics try to limit their exposure to patients with respiratory symptoms by encouraging telehealth consultations.”

ResAppDx is a clinically validated medical device — TGA approved for ARTG listing.

How ResAppDx works for healthcare professionals

1. Integrate ResAppDx into your telehealth consultations

ResAppDx can easily be used for telehealth consultations on the Coviu or Phenix Health telehealth platforms.

2. Receive an analysis report and discuss the results with the patient

Results are instantly available to the clinician through an analysis report on the telehealth platform, allowing the clinician to discuss directly with the patient during the telehealth appointment.

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How ResAppDx works for patients

1. Download ResAppDx and enter the access code

When prompted by their clinician, the patient downloads the smartphone app from the iOS App Store onto their iPhone before the appointment.

2. Answer a few questions

ResAppDx requires information about the patient’s age, medical history and symptoms.

3. Cough five times

The patient will be asked to cough five times, in order for the app to record enough cough information to analyse. The results are then sent directly to the doctor and are not available to the patient directly.

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