Rethink your colour

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Saturday, 01 September, 2018

The range of ATR insulated meal delivery system dishware will raise patient satisfaction scores with their hotel-like presentation that your patients will love.

Whether it is the subtle colour of the Sea Mist or Bronze in the Essences styling or the deep luxe colour of the Evening Blue available in the Allure style, now is the time to rethink your colour of meal delivery with the range of modern clean, sophisticated and refreshingly stunning colour palette now on offer.

Not only ticking the boxes in the colour range, functional style and sophistication, the ATR insulated meal delivery system has been manufactured to ensure that the food you serve is delivered at the optimum meal service temperature complying with all food safety requirements, as we all know that this is critical to the success of your meal delivery.

The shape of the 230 mm domes allow for more food clearance on the plate but still lets you stack more domes in less space, great for storing and handling. The asymmetrical design separates a smooth top surface from the contrasting textured low surface, fully foamed insulated that assists in trapping the heat in. Coordinating with the mugs and bowls in the range it allows you to colour code the tray ware to either distinguish ward areas, dietary and even food types.

Meal delivery choice

When it comes to meal delivery there are certain criteria to bear in mind and need to be taken into account when deciding. When in a hospice-style care facility the consensus is not always favourable when it comes to satisfaction scores for the meal delivery. We are visual people and eat with our eyes first so if it is not visually appealing or not served at the correct temperature it has the potential to turn us away from eating while not feeling so well, therefore establishing a functional meal delivery system that meets the needs of not only the facility but the patient/residents and will improve the satisfaction ratings and keep the meal delivery operations running smoothly.

  • The cooking — cook fresh or cook-chill
  • The delivery — room service or dinning service
  • Distance and navigation
  • Food temperature
  • Dishware offering an attractive and modern colour option
  • Plating of food to entice
  • Attention to placement

The Aladdin Temp-Rite range has been carefully researched and developed to ensure superior meal distribution solutions. Maintaining food temperature from the kitchen to the patient is paramount. Products include patented insulated trays, induction heating systems. There’s also an integrated range of ancillary equipment for cook-chill systems.

Burlodge distribution systems also provide an innovative approach for the healthcare and hospital markets, with hot-line, cook-chill and cook-freeze applications. Burlodge offers clients a varied product line that caters to the entire spectrum of requirements for multiple portion meal tray distribution. The well-constructed, stylish range is suitable for both traditional cook-serve systems and cook-chill, with additional flexibility through the personalisation of individual patient trays.

SDX Thermobox gives a simple-to-use affordable solution to the challenges associated with meal transport in bulk or portions. The carts are designed to be easily moved by staff and simple plug and play operation reduces the headaches that can often be associated with adjustable control, the range is extremely flexible and offers cooling and heating for safe food transport.

Do you want to know more about the Aladdin Temp-Rite range of products, Burlodge and SDX Thermobox then simply go to and check out the style and colours on offer, or if you are attending the IHHC Annual Conference 2018 at Hilton Hotel Sydney 15th – 17th October then pop past our stand and talk to one of our experienced and well-informed Account Managers to discuss your needs further.

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