Innovative enclosed blood collection system

Sarstedt Australia
Monday, 31 December, 2018

The S-Monovette® is the innovative enclosed blood collection system that allows the user to draw blood from the patient using the aspiration or vacuum technique, uniting the advantages of both techniques in a single product.

When used with the aspiration technique, the phlebotomist has full control over the speed at which the blood is drawn into the tube. This is particularly useful for patients with fragile veins, such as the very young or elderly, where the use of the aspiration technique prevents even the most fragile veins from collapsing. When the tube has been filled, the plunger is pulled into the lock position and simply snapped off to leave a primary sample tube which can be centrifuged and is compatible with all major analysers. Furthermore the S-Monovette drastically reduces the rate of haemolysis when used with the aspiration technique, by greatly reducing the shear force the red blood cells are subjected to, meaning far better sample quality, reduced costs and most importantly fast and correct patient diagnosis.

The S-Monovette can also be used as an evacuated tube by pulling the plunger into the lock position and snapping it off, prior to blood collection. This technique creates a fresh vacuum, unlike with pre-evacuated tubes where the vacuum has to hold for many months after manufacture, and therefore ensures a precise filling volume and correct dilution ratio. This allows the membrane to be thinner and therefore the needle can penetrate it more easily to minimise movement of the needle in the vein when attaching the tube, ensuring optimum patient comfort.

The S-Monovette safety needle is ready to use, there is no need for assembly to a holder. The needle is of a compact, low profile design, which reduces the chance of haematoma by allowing for a reduced angle of puncture and eliminates the possibility of needle stick injuries caused by assembly of needle and holder. The compact design also results in approximately one fifth of sharps volume as compared to a pre-evacuated system, offering significant cost savings.

If you would like a visit from one of our Sales Representatives to demonstrate the S-Monovette system, please contact us on toll free 1800 803 308.

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