HLP Controls Temp Block temperature sensor

Sunday, 19 January, 2020 | Supplied by: HLP Controls Pty Ltd

Temp Block temperature sensor from HLP Controls is designed to accurately monitor fridge temperatures, preventing temperature spikes on data logging graphs.

Fridge temperatures must be monitored to ensure that vaccines, blood products, breast milk and food are being stored at the correct temperatures. Simple temperature sensors are prone to fluctuations in temperature when the fridge is opened or during situations such as a defrost cycle. Spikes in fridge temperatures will be evident in data logging graphs, which will need to be explained.

The trouble with this situation is that the temperature probe measures air temperature, which is not indicative of the actual stored product temperature. To address this, temperature sensors were placed in a bottle of glycol to slow the probe response. Sometimes the glycol would spill as the probe was fitted or, if it was not an exact fit, the bottle would tip and spill glycol in the fridge.

HLP Controls has developed a product made of a special alloy which mimics the temperature characteristics of these products. It cools and warms at the same rate as the average size of these products and at the same rate as the old-style glycol bottle. Temp Block is designed to assist with accurately monitoring fridge temperatures, preventing temperature spikes on data logging graphs.

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