Transforming on-premise laundry with venturi-powered dosing

Monday, 12 February, 2024

Transforming on-premise laundry with venturi-powered dosing

It’s no secret that on-premise laundries within healthcare facilities such as hospitals and care homes have a need for high-precision detergent dosing systems capable of handling heavy load demand.

A major name in this field is global chemical dosing expert SEKO, which has been active in the sector for decades with a comprehensive portfolio of cutting-edge on-premise laundry systems ranging from single-pump units to multi-machine solutions.

Until now, SEKO’s laundry systems have been built with traditional pumps such as peristaltic, solenoid and pneumatic devices. Now, the company has once again pushed the envelope on chemical dosing with the introduction of LS100 — its first venturi-powered laundry system.

A venturi is a device that uses water pressure to control chemical dosing and therefore contains no moving parts. For LS100 users, this means less wear compared to mechanical systems and hundreds of thousands of doses before they even need to consider venturi cartridge replacement.

Meanwhile, LS100 doses up to 10 chemicals — from detergent and fabric softener to additives — in as many as four washers, making it perfect for on-premise laundries of every size. It’s modular, too, so operators can easily add additional units to their original system as demand increases and their laundry grows.

LS100 can be operated via the newly launched SekoBlue app, which uses Bluetooth connectivity for remote dosing management and data on demand rather than relying on internet connection as is the case with Wi-Fi-embedded systems.

This feature makes LS100 ideal for sites that limit or block access to Wi-Fi — a common challenge faced within the healthcare sector and especially in hospital settings where security is high.

SekoBlue offers operators a portal from which they can access live and historical data on wash cycle status, chemical consumption and equipment performance via their smart device, PC or laptop.

With vital information such as cost per kilo of laundry at their fingertips, managers can gain a detailed understanding of the true cost of their operation and identify and reduce chemical and water wastage as part of a sustainable operation.

Meanwhile, SekoBlue provides access to downloadable manuals, intelligent auto-tuning sensors and online step-by-step technical support which can facilitate installation, setup and commissioning and reduce associated time and costs.

Having documents available in digital form is not only convenient but, because they can be revised and reuploaded remotely, also ensures that engineers and end users always have access to the latest versions which can prevent errors and save time during installation and operation.

LS100’s user-focused design includes an intuitive 4.5″ touchscreen display plus an ergonomic colour-coded formula selector, making the system accessible for every user — essential when staff turnover is high and new recruits must learn on the job.

As intelligent pump equipment is increasingly specified for on-premise laundry machines within hospitals, care homes and other healthcare sites, SEKO’s dedicated systems such as LS100 provide discerning operators with the ability to save time, reduce spending and take command of their processes.

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