Gain visibility and control over your food safety practices

Monika Pty Ltd
Thursday, 24 June, 2021

Given the heightened vulnerability of patients to food-borne illness, there is no margin for error when it comes to food safety.

Yet many health and aged care organisations still use manual, paper-based systems to manage this critical compliance activity.

The problem is, a piece of paper can’t alert staff when food needs to be moved, used or thrown out. Your staff need to know — and remember — when to do this.

Coolroom failed overnight, while staff are off site? With manual temperature checks, you have no way of knowing whether your food is still safe to eat. It’s a guessing game. But with live temperature monitoring and real-time alerts, you can rescue stock before it spoils or avert a major food safety incident.

Unsure if staff are following the 2 hour / 4 hour rule correctly? Your staff are busy. They are likely to forget, lose track of time, or fail to record what they did and when. Food may not be moved, used or thrown out when it needs to. Records may be left incomplete, or worse, falsified. With a digital system, real-time task sequences and audible reminders ensure this never happens.

Concerned about hygiene and cross-contamination? Paper checklists can’t give real assurance that things are getting done when they need to. With a handheld device that gives step-by-step instructions and audio-visual prompts, staff can be in no doubt about their responsibilities. You’ll know when a task has been missed and by whom. For extra peace of mind, you can even build in manager verification of critical tasks.

Worried about food poisoning complaints? Demonstrating due diligence on paper is an uphill battle. But a digital system with batch recording puts data at your fingertips: just identify the batch based on date, time and menu item, and check the temperatures recorded against it — from the point of delivery to the point of service.

The reality is, even despite the best intentions, food safety tasks and issues can be easily neglected — and you could be none the wiser.

A MonikaPrime digital food safety system removes this uncertainty, significantly reducing your risk. With all your food safety activity captured in real-time — from live temperature data to the status of routine tasks and checks — you are in control, and can take prompt action to correct any issues.

From the moment a food delivery arrives, right up to when the food is served to a patient, you can verify that it has been stored, prepared and cooked safely. Staff are more accountable too, because they know everything is traceable and recorded in real-time. And because there’s a user-friendly tool to guide them as they check things off, they feel a sense of pride and achievement in their work.

Monika has provided digital food safety solutions to the health and aged care sector since the early 1990s. With over 2,000 sites worldwide and 30 years in our field, we are Australia’s leading food safety technology specialists.

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