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Wednesday, 01 June, 2022

Developing a non-disposable cubicle screen has been Materialised’s passion for over 18 months. So, what was the motivation behind their new patented privacy screen system?

800,000 tonnes of textile waste are sent to landfill annually and hospital waste, through an obsession with ‘disposable-everything,’ is eye-watering. An entire industry has effectively been shipped offshore, along with thousands of jobs.

With a history of supplying textiles to healthcare facilities, Materialised could no longer sit back and watch this situation worsen. Not only is it ecologically destructive, but it is also a financial sinkhole. Hospitals are bleeding money.

The Research

The then NSW Health Minister, Brad Hazzard, was responsive to Materialised’s request to have the Department reconsider their practice of using disposable, single-use privacy curtains. We were directed to the NSW Director of Procurement who, after consultation, set up a committee to investigate and report on the pros and cons of disposable versus reusable cubicle screens.

Once engaged with the committee Materialised set on an investigation journey to get a true understanding of what is driving the disposable screen fetish.

Virtually every level of the hospital hierarchy was consulted to gain knowledge with which to formulate a solution. We examined and metaphorically ‘road tested’ a module approach to eliminate concerns. And we named it BLOX.

Government Concerns of Non-disposable and BLOX Solutions


The Concern: Weight (long textile curtains can be difficult to manage and heavy for the installer)
The Solution: BLOX is a lightweight, 2m x 2m modular system weighing only 1.1kg per unit.

Antimicrobial Durability

The Concern: Doubt that the popular Silver Ion treatment used on disposables would not withstand the rigours of multiple laundering.
The Solution: Sourcing a fibre where the Silver Ion antimicrobial is captured IN the polymer of the fibre guaranteeing total lifelong efficacy. Never to wash out!


The Concern: Doubts of a 10-to-15-year life expectancy.
The Solution: Empirical evidence of BLOX non-disposable privacy curtains serving 20+years, with a 10-year warranty to support this claim.

Laundry Cost

The Concern: Experience with 6 or 7 metre curtains are not well received by laundries as they mainly handle articles of bedding etc.
The Solution: The 2m x 2m module is well within their ‘norm’.

Inventory Management

The Concern: Not returning privacy curtains to their rightful facility.
The Solution: This was solved by the addition of a simple care label that carries the facility’s name and can be marked to indicate dates upon which any soiled module has been laundered between scheduled maintenance. This simple solution is a great cost saver. Further, in consultation with the NSW Healthcare Laundry Manager, Materialised learned of a move toward adopting RFID asset management, which can easily be included in the modular screen hem as required.


The Concern: Managing different sizes to suit individual ward configurations.
The Solution: BLOX can be assembled to build whatever size screen is required. One size fits all.

Product Cost

The Concern: The suggestion was made that single-use screens are inexpensive and reusable. The healthcare industry has been hoodwinked. Cost is more than money, but even at a monetary level, disposable cubicle screens are more costly than reusable, locally made, textile screens.

So, why choose BLOX

BLOX is a patented, modular, non-disposable cubicle screen system. It is a sustainable alternative to single-use disposable cubicle screens.

  • Made in Australia
  • Inherently antimicrobial
  • Sustainable
  • Cleanable
  • Flame Retardant
  • Antibacterial
  • Cost-Effective

These high-quality screens are made using a modular design to fit all requirements and can be installed on any hospital tracking system. Best of all, they are Made Down Under, keeping jobs and dollars in Australia.

Lightweight 1.1kg BLOX modules are 2x2m, flame retardant and can be cleaned individually as needed, improving asset management. Silver Ion antimicrobial technology is built into the fibre to ensure life-long efficacy. They contain 50% recycled yarn, are fully recyclable and upcyclable. No landfill!

BLOX is a win for everyone... Patients, facility operators, laundries, staff, our country, and our planet!


Materialised’s furnishing textiles and wall covering journey for contract and interior design markets now stretches over four decades, fulfilling an objective of ‘making a difference.’ Owned and run by the founding Price family, manufacturing and warehousing takes place in Blakehurst, Sydney.

To learn more about BLOX and download a free cost-saving calculator, visit


+61 2 8558 3500

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