Animation in healthcare

Laundry Lane Productions
Tuesday, 25 January, 2022

“Animation can distil complex health concepts or messages into digestible and memorable content — making it the perfect communication tool in today’s health industry.”

The digital revolution in healthcare is helping to improve a broad range of outcomes, from the prevention and treatment of disease to patient care. At the forefront of this trend, animation has now become an essential part of patient and HCP education and communication.

Animation can be an extremely powerful tool in the healthcare space as it helps to unpack complex information in an understandable, entertaining format. Particularly in healthcare messaging, animation helps to make potentially serious, sensitive or complicated information more accessible. Animations can be created in 2D, 3D or hybrid — a mixture of live footage with animated motion graphics.

Animation has many benefits including:

  1. Simplify Complex Information — Whether it’s to showcase your services, explain how a product works or for internal communications such as on-boarding or training, animated content can provide information in an easy-to-digest, succinct format which allows opportunity to reinforce and drive home key messages.
  2. Overcome Barriers — There are many reasons as to why your audience isn’t engaging with your message, including language or cultural barriers, low health literacy, learning or physical barriers. Animation utilises a variety of formats and communication tools that help overcome these.
  3. Unlimited Creativity — Animations have the unique ability to be able to visualise the mechanism or action of a drug, show a cross-section of a medical device or show a product from all different angles.
  4. Market Cut-Through — Animation can break through a sea of live action videos to create something visually different and attract attention.
  5. Increase Video Effectiveness — Animation has the highest information retention of all media styles. This style communicates succinctly and effectively in a way viewers will remember and is able to be updated when information changes.
  6. Connect With People — Using animated characters allows viewers to find similarities between themselves and the characters in the story and this allows formation of a personal connection.
  7. Overcome Physical Barriers — The barriers that the pandemic has presented to human interaction means many ideas and stories aren’t able to be visualised by actors.

Here are some examples of how you can use animation:

  • Explainer Videos — Animated explainer videos are informative and engaging, it could be medication explainers, what the treatment might be like, how the recovery process works or how to use a product.
  • Promotional Videos — Whether you’re trying to drive sales, inform people of a new product, service, or event, drive traffic to your website, or even create public awareness of a health issue, animation can be a great, customisable tool.
  • Social Media Campaigns — Video consistently outperforms static media. Creating videos that can be optimised to different platforms allows you to ensure the most effective strategy.
  • Hybrid Videos — Using a combination of real footage and motion graphics you can create something unique and bespoke to your messaging, design and branding.
  • 3D Animation — 3D animation opens up a world of possibility, it depicts an accurate visualisation by exploring the intricacies of the science that can not be created from a 2D illustration, sketch, photography or even live-action.
  • Training Videos — Comprehensive training, on-boarding or educational videos can be a valuable way of communicating with employees and volunteers and demonstrating workflows.
  • CALD Communication — Translating relevant communication campaigns and resources into languages other than English is an important means to reach your target communities and promote your messages & services.

Laundry Lane has extensive experience working with leading healthcare organisations. We look forward to sharing our knowledge and expertise with you.

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