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Wednesday, 01 November, 2017


Since 2011, the Tristel Trio Wipes System has been pioneering best infection prevention practice in Australia. The now widely used Tristel Trio Wipes System is a three-part decontamination system for the cleaning, high-level disinfection and rinsing of non-lumened, heat-sensitive medical devices such as transvaginal and transrectal ultrasound probes, nasendoscopes, TOE probes and laryngoscope blades. For a number of years, Tristel Trio was supplied by AshMed Pty Ltd, which held the distributorship for Tristel in Australia. This changed in 2016, when Tristel acquired the assets and business of AshMed to establish a direct Tristel operation in Melbourne.

Today, the Tristel range of products no longer only comprises the Tristel Trio Wipes System.

Tristel Jet for Surfaces

Available in a gel or liquid, Tristel Jet is a TGA-approved Hospital Grade Disinfectant for the sporicidal disinfection of surfaces. Tristel Jet is effective in short contact times (30 seconds for gel and two minutes for liquid) against microorganisms of concern such as Clostridium difficile, Mycobacterium species, MRSA and VRE. Jet’s chlorine dioxide technology does not allow the formation of mutant or resistant strains, making it suitable as a totally effective first line of defence against infections. Tristel Jet is ready to use, eliminating the need to calculate dilutions. Tristel Jet complements the Tristel Trio Wipes System and is ideal for bench-top disinfection in between Trio disinfection cycles.


Stella is a TGA-approved automated disinfection system, designed specifically for the fast and effective reprocessing of heat-sensitive, non-lumened and single-lumened medical devices such as nasendoscopes and cystoscopes. Stella combines the simplicity of manual soaking with the sophistication of a fully automated washer disinfector. It increases patient throughput and instrument rotation through a short high-level disinfection cycle time of five minutes. Because Stella can be placed anywhere in the facility, the need to send instruments to central sterilisation services for reprocessing is eliminated, saving valuable time.

Tristel Rinse Assure

Tristel Rinse Assure is a three-in-one system that delivers bacteria-free water to Automated Endoscope Reprocessors (AER). It doses low levels of Tristel’s proprietary chlorine dioxide chemistry into the water used during a washer disinfector’s decontamination process, ensuring that all water is of the highest quality. Chlorine dioxide has been proven effective at removing biofilm, and preventing reformation. Tristel Rinse Assure removes larger particles by filtration, passes rinse water through a Reverse Osmosis membrane and doses water with low levels of chlorine dioxide at 1–2 parts per million. Tristel Rinse Assure is compliant with Australian, American, European and UK industry guidelines.

Chlorine dioxide: Tristel’s proprietary chemistry

It is the combination of Tristel’s powerful chemistry with innovative packaging technology that makes Tristel products so unique. Only smart packaging can release the true powers of chlorine dioxide and Tristel are the only company in the world to have achieved this.

The safety of nurses is paramount. Tristel has an exceptional health and safety record spanning more than 20 years. Two decades of safe use worldwide is supported by extensive toxicological testing. Whilst other disinfectants might kill a wide range of organisms eventually, the best disinfectant will kill them rapidly. A disinfectant is ineffective if it hasn’t done its job within the natural drying time of the surface. The best disinfectant has to be able to act fast. Tristel’s chlorine dioxide chemistry is effective against a wide range of microorganisms, including bacterial spores in five minutes or less.

Tristel — Better. Safer. Faster. Smarter.

Tristel Australia — 1300 680 898

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