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Wednesday, 24 May, 2017

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Designed in consultation with healthcare professionals, the revolutionary INHALO® design integrates cylinder, valve, regulator and flowmeter into a single, robust, lightweight and reliable unit.

The INHALO® features a high volume gas package which is light, easy to use and versatile. It eliminates the need for regulators, and with its plug-and-go functionality will make cylinder changeovers quicker, safer and easier – allowing you to concentrate on patient care.

BOC was the first company to develop and introduce the integrated valve cylinder to the healthcare sector. Its popularity has gone from strength to strength as customers have discovered how more efficient and convenient it is to use. These lightweight, ready-to-use cylinders have a built in pressure regulator, easy on/off handwheel and integral flow selector.

It is designed to make cylinder operation and the task of medical oxygen administration easier for healthcare staff, as there is no need to attach a regulator. With a wide range of flow settings, you can accurately select the treatment to meet the patient’s prescription. With the integrated valve cylinder, you get constant outlet pressure and flow settings to match your requirements. The cylinder has a “live” contents gauge, giving you a clear indication of contents at all times, even when the cylinder is turned off. The INHALO® is constructed from lightweight materials, making it easier and safer to handle than conventional cylinders. Using a medical oxygen integrated valve cylinder, ensures that therapy can be started right away, without any complex set-up or unnecessary manual handling for the operator.

Integral valve

•   Integrated valve/regulator/flowmeter. Enables simple multi-functional use and eliminates the need for external regulators and
    flow meters

•   Enables faster, safer, easier cylinder changeovers saving precious time

•   Inhalo is completely maintained by BOC saving you costly equipment inventory & maintenance

•   A wide selection of accurate flow settings (1-15 lpm) provides for a wide range of oxygen therapies

Live contents gauge

•   Easy to read gauge instantly provides a clear indication of gas level at all times

•   Prevents waste as cylinder doesn’t need to be opened to determine contents


•   Ergonomic carry handle is designed to provide a balanced and safe carry point

•   Robust design ensures a secure supply of oxygen

•   Fibre-wrapped cylinder provides high capacity but light weight making handling easy

•   Tamper evident seal provides assurance of quality and safety

•   Ease of use simplifies training

High capacity package

•   The high gas capacity (630 litres) of the INHALO means less cylinder changes saving you time

•   With significantly more gas than a standard C sized cylinder the INHALO can save you space on stock holdings, and cost on
    delivery charges

Multiple oxygen outlets

•   The ‘plug & go’ functionality make the INHALO versatile & easy to use

•   Allows multiple therapies from the same cylinder, e.g. oxygen supply &/or suction device (from DIO connection)

•   The multiple outlets mean the INHALO acts like a cylinder & a wall outlet at the same time


•   The INHALO has a smart, clinical look that reassures patients and enhances compliance

•   Clear plastic finish allows easy cleaning and provides for better hygiene


•   Medical device,
     AUST R 135358, 187646

•   Medical oxygen AUST R 34468











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