Wipe away the risk of infection with Microfibre

Wednesday, 21 September, 2016

With around 200,000* healthcare associated infections in Australian acute healthcare facilities each year, prevention and control of infection is a top priority for hospital and healthcare facilities.
Often hospital and healthcare staff rely heavily on chemicals to guarantee a hygienic environment, yet the sole use of chemicals is quickly being side-lined by the new concept of ‘sustainable cleaning’. Staff also may not be aware that outbreaks often occur because microbes become resistant to certain chemicals which reduce their effectiveness, opening a facility up to the risk of potential outbreaks.
There is a growing movement in the healthcare industry towards sustainable cleaning practises, using microfibre to control and prevent infections. Microfibre is effective due to its ability to remove fine particles, bacteria, microbes and oils sitting on surfaces and hidden in crevices, that cotton sponges and cloths typically cannot reach. Microfibre products have the ability to remove 99.9 per cent of microbes, with less water, and without the need to use harsh chemicals that kill but don’t remove bacteria.
An important step in the prevention of infection is to ensure all bacteria and particles are completely removed from the surface areas to prevent the bacteria spreading and eliminating the food source for other bacteria to grow. The Rubbermaid HYGEN Disposable Microfibre System, in conjunction with chemicals or steam, effectively kills the bacteria while the microfibre removes it from the surface, providing a thorough clean. Described as an industry first, the Rubbermaid HYGEN Disposable Microfibre System features innovative technology that offers optimal infection preventions, superior cleaning performance and improved productivity. It is the only Disposable product line in the healthcare industry proven to remove 99.9 per cent of microbes, including C. diff, which helps stop the chain of infection.
Suitable for any surface, the HYGEN Microfibre system also provides streak free cleaning for mirrors, glass and stainless steel and can be used for dusting or wet cleaning. To clean larger areas, the disposable microfibre mop can be used wet or dry and is compatible with Rubbermaid Pulse or Rubbermaid Charging Bucket.
With more coverage than leading disposable cloths, the HYGEN microfibre system also features built-in scrubbers that enable complete dirt removal without smearing.
In a hospital environment, reaching a higher level of cleanliness is an important goal. Areas where microfibre products can be used to effectively prevent infection include occupied and discharged patient rooms; emergency, ICU and isolation rooms; nurses’ stations; MRI and X-ray machines; and other public areas. As patients and staff come into contact with these areas regularly it’s important that they remain clean to prevent the spread of disease from person to person.
The superior cleaning power of microfibre allows staff to do more with less by removing almost all bacteria in a sustainable way. By reducing the need for chemicals it takes away previously required steps in the cleaning process, providing increased productivity and cost savings. This creates a secondary benefit for hospital and healthcare facilities by preventing the cost associated from outbreaks or ongoing infections.
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