Hospital waste management and hygiene

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Wednesday, 25 May, 2016

With 42,000* tonnes of solid waste generated from the Victorian public healthcare services in a year, it’s necessary for hospitals and healthcare facilities to have an effective waste management system in place. Waste management is especially important for hospitals and healthcare facilities to help stop the spread of infections, prevent hazards with the proper disposal of rubbish and maintain a clean and hygienic area.

A good waste management system does more than just store rubbish. It can help hospitals reduce business operational costs as well as create a sanitary and safe working environment for employees. For many years, Rubbermaid Commercial Products (RCP) has been dedicated to providing the best and most innovative cleaning products and solutions to its customers, helping them make this usually messy work much easier.
RCP’s latest innovative product, the Slim Jim Step-On, combines durability, productivity and style to assist workers in the hospital and healthcare industry handle waste more easily and efficiently.
Blend seamlessly into any environment
Hospital and healthcare facilities often have a lot of people moving around the facility so it’s important to ensure all waste is removed from walkways and prevent potential trip hazards. The Slim Jim Step-On containers are designed with a slim profile and small footprint to minimise space utilisation by 20% and to fit in the tightest spaces, such as in waiting rooms or a nurse’s office. Available in front-step and end-step styles, Slim Jim Step-On containers provide optimal solutions based on your space requirements.
Made with premium quality materials and finishes, the Slim Jim Step-On containers are able to blend into any environment seamlessly. The stainless steel option is made with unique fingerprint resistant material to help maintain a clean aesthetic without staff spending time maintaining the external surfaces.
Durability and infection control
The innovative foot pedal allows for handsfree waste disposal, reducing the spread of germs that can be caused by touching the lid of the bin. The commercial-grade foot pedal is designed for extreme durability as well as its flat design makes it easier to use and clean. Unlike other step-on containers that scratch and leave marks on walls when the lid is activated, Slim Jim Step-On containers are designed with an internal hinge to keep the surrounding walls undamaged. The products feature quiet and controlled lid-closures that minimise noise and contain odours caused from medical waste. This helps to create a more pleasant environment for patients through the reduction of noise and odours.
Manufactured with the best commercial materials, Slim Jim Step-On containers are built to outlast and outperform any other similar products in the market even under the harshest working conditions. In addition, all RCP products are developed based on the needs of the users to maximise user experience and minimise the wear and tear from frequently used products. Hospitals and healthcare facilities can spend less time replacing their waste bins and more time on running the facility.
Improved productivity
Slim Jim Step-On containers are designed and engineered with ease-of-use in mind. Features like liner cinches and liner retainer bands help to hold polyliners easily and securely. The cinches also help to secure liners inside the bin without hanging over the edge helping to contain the waste inside the bin. In addition, the optional dual-stream rigid liner simplifies sorting, making recycling quick and easy.
An effective waste management system ensures rubbish is stored correctly to avoid potential hazards, prevents the spread of infections and helps maintain the health of the facility. Having a system that blends seamlessly into the facility such as the Slim Jim Step-on can assist to create a pleasant and hygienic environment.
Slim Jim Step-On containers are available in plastic and stainless steel, available in 5 sizes, 8 colours and two step styles.

*Victoria State Government 2010 - 2011 ( )
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