Sabco Bleach Resistant Microfibre Flat Mop

Wednesday, 21 September, 2016

Sabco is proud to announce the ultimate innovation in microfibre: the new MicroFX flat mops range. Thanks to the latest research into yarn development, the next generation microfibre from Sabco is not only the finest microfibre ever, but it also guarantees the longest life performance due to its resistance to strong chemicals, in particular bleach.
Microfibre is notorious for losing its effectiveness after use with highly alkaline chemicals such as chlorine. The most evident effect is often a change of colour, but less evident to the naked eye is the deterioration of the fibre and consequently, loss of strength.
The MicroFX Hygiene mop is bleach resistant and can be preprepared for use and even laundered with chlorine chemicals. It is the ideal mop for cleaning Hospitals, Clinics, Aged Care Homes and general cleaning activities where chlorine based chemicals are mandatory and hygiene is paramount.
The MicroFX Xtreme mop is the ideal solution for effective cleaning of Hospital bathroom floors. The majority of floors installed in a healthcare environment offer anti-slip/safety solutions that prevent most of the existing mops from gliding easily. Thankfully, the unique yarn composition of the MicroFX Xtreme alleviates this issue.
The MicroFX flat mop range is certified by SGS, the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification’s company. After undergoing several tests to measure the chemical resistance and longevity of the MicroFX flat mops, results concluded that these mops can be laundered up to 600 times. Moreover, the no-filling construction of the mops guarantees the highest level of hygiene, avoiding dirt residue to remain in the mop after laundering.
The mops have been designed to match any cleaning need and floor type with colour tags to help distinguish between the different environments of usage. They are available with two attachment options: velcro or pockets with universal flaps, making them compatible with any mop base on the market. Their ability to be used with a damp pre-prepared system or a wet flat wringer bucket offers great versatility for a variety of applications.
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