Integrated valve regulator simplifies oxygen therapy

Wednesday, 21 September, 2016

Integrated valve regulator simplifies oxygen therapy

Coregas Integrated Valve Regulator (IVR) conveniently combines cylinder, regulator, flow meter and valve in a robust, lightweight and ready-to-use package. Coregas IVR, accessing medical oxygen quicker, easier and removes the operating costs of external regulators and flow meters. Simply attach your tubing or equipment to the unit and continue caring for your patient.
Features and benefits
Regulator and flow meter are integrated into the valve

  • No regulators or flow meters required

  • Saves time with no equipment changeovers

  • All standard flow settings are provided (1-15 lpm)

  • No maintenance costs, as product is maintained by Coregas

Dual oxygen outlets

  • Users can attach tubing to the firtree outlet and/or equipment to the D.I.O.

  • Simple, versatile functionality makes it convenient to use.

Contents gauge

  • Clearly displays gas contents in real time with no need to touch the open/close valve

  • High capacity cylinder

  • Increased gas capacity of 0.639 m3 (639 litres) saves time with less cylinder changeovers

  • Potentially lower stock holdings

  • User-friendly design

  • Two ergonomic carry handles

  • Tamper proof seal provides quality assurance

  • Lightweight cylinder package makes handling easier

  • Plastic coating makes it easy to clean

  • Staff training in 6 easy steps

  • Sleek, professional appearance ensures patient confidence


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Contact Coregas to find out why making them your gases specialist could be to your advantage. Coregas Pty Ltd. Phone (02) 9794 2223 or visit
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