Acoustic pinboard wallcoverings now improve infection control

By John Connole
Tuesday, 06 November, 2012

In a healthcare environment the need for improved infection control is always at the top of mind. Surfaces within these environments need to control the transfer and possible development of infections. Insitu wallcovering and pinboard fabrics now provide wall surfaces that prevent and stop the development of healthcare associated infections, providing a colourful, yet functional noise reduced environment within aged care facilities and hospitals.

In 2012 Charles Parsons Group, Australia’s leading textile company, introduced its latest innovative development, Insitu Wallcovering Solutions. This is a range of decorative acoustic wallcoverings ideal for all healthcare sectors. It easily transforms any vertical surface into a vibrant, noise reducing wall or display pinboard, ideal to be used in waiting rooms, work stations, meeting rooms and patient’s wards.

The Insitu Wallcovering range offers the option between two aesthetically pleasing “smooth” and “textured” finishes and an on-trend vibrant 30 colour pallete. A white colour option in smooth finish also offers the possibility to be printed with a customised design.

However, more than just a decorative wallcovering, the Insitu range with its features and benefits offer a level of additional functionality for any healthcare facility.

Anti-bacterial treatment

The entire Insitu Wallcovering Solutions range is treated with Polygiene® silver anti-bacterial treatment, providing that extra level of hygienic safety in the healthcare environment. The Polygiene® treatment is proven to be effective against a range of bacteria. The treatment is permanent and sufficient for the life of the products, so the wallcovering will stay efficient against the transferring of bacteria for as long as it is on the wall.

Insitu wallcovering products when tested to AATCC 100 (MOD) gave a MRSA reduction greater than 99.88 per cent..

Polygiene® is Bluesign® approved, it meets the most demanding environmental certification for textiles.

Ease of cleaning and maintenance

The Insitu wallcovering requires minimal maintenance and cleaning. Simple light vacuuming from time to time is sufficient to ensure the long service life of your wallcovering.

Spills and stains should be dealt with as soon as possible to ensure best results and avoid staining the walls. However, the antibacterial treatment for Insitu wallcovering is permanent and cleaning will not affect the anti-bacterial properties of the walls.

Acoustic properties

Insitu Synergy and Insitu Fusion have been tested for their Noise Reduction Performance according to AS/ ISO 354-2006, and typically reduce reverberated noise by approximately 40 per cent. They also lower the sound transmission levels through the walls.

Insitu Synergy and Insitu Fusion will help to improve audibility in waiting rooms, work station areas, meeting rooms, lecture theatres, hospital corridors and patient’s wards.

Velcro® and pin receptive

The Insitu Wallcovering Solutions range is Velcro® and pin receptive allowing you to arrange and re-arrange your communication sheets regularly with ease.

The products are designed to last being “non-zip” and “non-fray”. It can withstand numerous reception of Velcro® and pin without affecting the look of the wallcovering surface.

With this special feature, the Insitu products can easily turn any wall into a functional, long lasting and decorative display pinboard.

With additional possibility of creating cut-out shapes and numbers, along with the vibrant colours offered, Insitu is ideal for wallcovering children’s wards and play rooms.

Commitment to a better environment

With the goal of meeting high environmental standards, Insitu wallcovering is currently undergoing certification with Ecospecifier for Green Tag® and Life Cycle Assessment. Insitu Synergy and Fusion are manufactured with up to 50 per cent post-consumer recycled polyester fiber.

The Insitu products undergo a rigorous research, development and testing process to ensure they are of the highest quality and meet all industry standards and specification requirements. Some of the tests that Insitu has been put through are Fire rating tests AS/NZS 3837 and AS1530.3, Acoustics tests RMIT AS ISO 354-2006, Light Fastness tests AS 2001.4.21:2006, Anti-bacterial tests MOD AATCC 100, just to name a few.

The strength and experience of Charles Parsons ensures that this range will continuously evolve with the latest technology. There are already exciting new products in the pipeline. Insitu Kaleidoscope, Insitu Synergy and Insitu Fusion are just the beginning.

For more information on Insitu Wallcovering Solutions, please call Charles Parsons on 1300 147 887 (Australia) and 0508 278 324 (New Zealand) or visit

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