Virtual Visitors: Helping Residents Live More Connected Lives with the Power of Technology

Ergotron Inc
Friday, 28 January, 2022

The pandemic has forced change on Aged Care organisations at an unprecedented rate and increased the feeling of isolation and loneliness for many residents.

Older generations remain the most vulnerable to infection which is why we have seen restrictions of visitors and reduction in activities in Aged Care facilities. While necessary, we know that loneliness and social isolation have been linked to poorer health outcomes.

Creating Connections with Technology

Technologies are powerful enablers, smartphones, tablets and web cameras represent convenient ways for residents to connect with visitors virtually through apps and other platforms. While many older adults are tech savvy and can easily navigate the latest technology, others struggle to adapt to these digital tools.

There are several reasons why some struggle to adapt and at the heart of the problem can be functional movement and accessibility. Small devices, positioning of the device for virtual conversations, education and lack of space can all impact the user experience.

Solutions to Support Virtual Visitors

Ergotron focus on creating healthy and productive interactions between humans and technology and pride themselves on being a world leader in improving how people work, learn, play and care for others.

There are multiple Ergotron products available to support technology for virtual patient-family-physician interactions.

When considering options for your organization, prioritise these features to support the best experience for aged care residents: -

  • Height adjustability: Easy adjustment ensures residents can position equipment at the proper ergonomic height for comfort and improved accessibility.
  • Infection control: Open architecture designs with thoughtful cable management are often easier to clean, which promotes more frequent wipe-downs.
  • Mobility: Lightweight carts and stands can roll anywhere for virtual conversions — the bedside, garden, visitor rooms and more, which gives choice and flexibility.
  • Compact footprint: A small footprint allows carts, tables or stands to fit neatly in your facility without adding clutter or competing with important medical equipment.
  • Quality: Look for professional grade options that are built to last with documented cycle testing and competitive warranties that give you confidence in its safety and your investment.
  • Versatility: Adaptable solutions can be used for virtual visitors, as well as telehealth consultations with a variety of specialists.
  • Education: Take time to help familiarize staff and residents with all new equipment. Familiarity breeds comfort and the more comfortable the experience the higher level of engagement and connection.

We are here to help and if you would like assistance in determining which solution is best for your organization contact Corrine to arrange a virtual meeting and demonstration of Ergotron’s broad portfolio of professional-grade healthcare solutions.

Contact Corrine Ormsby +61 2 8935 9437 or to learn more.

View the Ergotron portfolio at

Disclaimer: Camera, monitor and other equipment sold separately. Ergotron does not manufacture, sell or endorse video accessories such as cameras, monitors or tablets.

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