Perfectly pure mash makes perfect sense

Nestle Professional

Saturday, 01 July, 2017

Made with 100% real sustainably grown potatoes, sourced fresh from the field, nothing but pure potato goes into MAGGI Natural Mashed Potato. Offering a new standard in ultimate convenience, combined with a completely authentic taste.

With not an additive or allergen in sight, MAGGI Natural Mashed Potato offers chefs a quick, nutritious side dish alternative. Perfect every time, without the demands of scratch-made mashed potato.

As Executive Chef at Mercure Hotel Parramatta and a Worldchefs Global Judge, Kurt von Buren knows better than most what good flavour is all about, “There’s absolutely no compromise on flavour, and the pure potato taste is there. I’ve been using this product in my kitchen and for what I get from each pack it would be the equivalent of about 14kgs of fresh potatoes, so it’s space saving and time saving as well. You have to steam fresh potatoes for mash for at least one and a half hours, which really limits your time and space, especially when most days the combi oven is needed for other processes too. It all adds up to lots of work from scratch and with less skilled labour around, this product is really convenient.”

This means operators can say goodbye to time inefficient peeling, dicing, boiling and mashing — making it both a labour efficient and space saving choice. Plus, with 140 serves in every pack and an 18-month stable shelf live it’s a high yielding, cost saving solution that makes perfect business sense.

This versatile potato base product offers total flexibility for effortless menu integration. So when you need to prepare your menu ahead of time, simply prepare cold and reheat when required.

“It’s such a handy base product that makes it easy for chefs to create a signature mash with. You get the right taste and texture every time so you know you’re serving up a product that’s just like fresh mash, only without the hassle of scratch-made,” Executive Chef Nestlé Professional, Mark Clayton.

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