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Pathtech Pty Ltd
Sunday, 09 April, 2017

The Australian blood collection market is worth around $46 million and growing at a rate of 10% per annum. In just five years, Medicare recorded an increase in pathology services from 93 million (2010) to 113 million (2015). Medicare funds the majority of Australian pathology services, including standard newborn testing, phlebotomy in hospitals and clinics and at-home diabetes testing. While it is commonplace for blood testing products in hospitals and clinics to be managed via a tender process, the home-testing market is poised for significant growth, as around 280 Australians are diagnosed with diabetes each day.

Pathtech has been operating in the Australian diagnostic and research markets for over 30 years. The Science Division incorporates experts from a range of fields and with varying backgrounds — from working with major Australian diagnostic companies through to extensive laboratory experience in various pathology disciplines, including phlebotomy and blood collection. The team also enjoys sound relationships with major public and private pathology laboratories across Australia, as well as many medical facilities.

Based on the high-level expertise embedded within the business, solid customer relationships and a reputation for an outstanding product portfolio, Pathtech is now launching a new diagnostic product range in the Australian market.

While there are a number of lancet products currently on the market, many are packaged with blood glucose monitoring systems or other blood collection products. However, there is still some demand for high quality stand-alone blood collection lancets. Pathtech now offers the following stand-alone products from the SteriLance range:

  • SteriLance (Press 2) pressure activated safety lancet
  • SteriLance (Lite 2) button activated safety lancet
  • SteriLance SteriHeel heel incision safety lancet

SteriLance (Press 2) pressure activated & (Lite 2) button activated safety lancets

Healthcare workers face the risk of accidental needle-stick injury while caring for patients, putting them at risk of contracting bloodborne viruses. The SteriLance (Press 2) pressure activated and (Lite 2) button activated safety lancets offer a convenient solution through two administration options, depending on user preference. Both offer superior patient safety and comfort, while ensuring good blood samples are collected.

The SteriLance (Press 2) pressure activated safety lancet offers increased safety for both healthcare professionals and patients, as the lancet needle is fully shielded before and after use. The device features a pressure-operated design and an easy-to-use, twist-off end cap.

The SteriLance (Lite 2) button activated safety lancet offers the same benefits as the pressure activated device, with the additional convenience of trigger operation. The trigger is located on the side of the device, meaning activation is fully independent of any additional downward pressure on the incision site.

Both are single use only devices, gamma irradiated to ensure sterility and feature an ultra-sharp tri-bevel needle with high-speed penetration. They are available in a range of configurations and depths to suit most capillary applications and diagnostic tests.

SteriHeel heel incision safety lancet

The SteriHeel heel incision safety lancet is a precision device for use in infant heel capillary sample collection. The controlled and rapid movement of the micro-blade and crescent glide-path motion are designed to optimise blood flow while reducing pain and tissue trauma. The device complies with NCCLS guidelines for neonatal heel puncture depth.

The fully shielded blade offers users improved safety and the activation button is secured by a safety catch. It is convenient to use, with a pre-loaded, wider button activated design for easy operation. The ultra-sharp blade and high speed action delivers greater patient comfort and promotes fast healing.

SteriHeel is available in five sizes: 1.0mm depth/2.5mm incision (yellow) for use with newborns or where short penetration depth and minimal tissue compression is required; 0.85mm depth/1.75mm incision length (orange) for use on premature babies with thinner dermal tissue; and 0.65mm depth/1.5mm incision length (green) for use with very premature babies. There is also a 1.25mm depth/2.5mm incision lancet available, along with 1.5mm depth/2.5mm incision available.

For more information on the Sterilance range from Pathtech, visit or contact the Pathtech Team on 1800 069 161.

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