Have you seen the latest from Malmet's thermal disinfection range?

By Renelle Harrison
Monday, 04 October, 2021

Set to hit the market later this year, Malmet is giving Hospital + Healthcare readers a closer look at the latest addition to their range of thermal disinfection equipment.

After consultation across clinical and facility management contexts within the healthcare industry, the Malmet team is proud to present the front loading WDF. The WDF complements and extends Malmet’s range of thermal disinfection options to offer a front loader, the first of its kind designed specifically for the Australian dirty utility room (DUR).

The newly minted WDF Utensil Washer Disinfector reflects Malmet’s strong emphasis on people first and foremost. From functional design to quality Australian manufacturing, the robust research and development process has resulted in a machine that keeps the needs of users and care providers especially in mind.

“We know clinical care providers have infection prevention weighing on their minds,” said Peter Kirkup, Malmet CEO.

“And we know that people really just want a solution for utensil processing that’s reliable, functional, easy to use. The WDF is our answer to all of that — front loading functionality that fits with what care staff need in a productive DUR space. Healthcare staff are working on the frontline, and they deserve a range of products that makes the job easier and safer.”

As infection prevention continues to remain paramount in our current clinical context, health and aged care facilities are looking towards results they can trust more than ever. At the same time, the DUR environment has evolved, and practical considerations of workspace and ease of use are also high on the agenda for care staff, supervisors and facility managers.

So how does the WDF measure up? We asked the DUR equipment experts, answering some common questions in the clinical context.

How does the WDF perform when it comes to Infection Prevention Standards?

Malmet has long been known for going above and beyond the standards for infection control and prevention. The WDF continues the same standard of excellence, providing high level thermal disinfection for utensils, with the ease and functionality of front loading access — so the Aussie manufacturer’s long track record is in safe hands with the new addition.

“Our standards are high, because we know how important it is for managers and staff to have peace of mind when it comes to infection control and prevention,” said Michael Larkin, Malmet Victorian Business Development Manager. “The WDF gives the same peace of mind that our clients know comes with every Malmet washer disinfector.”

Like all Malmet washer disinfectors, the WDF has been tested to exceed compliance requirements for the highest relevant Australian and ISO Standards. This means that you can be sure your DUR environment is safe and effective when it comes to minimising the risks surrounding transmissible disease in the ward environment.

How easy is it to use?

With the WDF, there’s no extra, unused programs, and no time-wasting trying to find the right cycle — just one single program to give you the best results, time and time again.

Its streamlined functionality is designed especially for the reusables that you have in your DUR inventory — so you get all the bells and whistles, but only the ones you actually need. The WDF also solves the problem of inadvertent damage to reusable stock by eliminating the need for a decision tree when selecting the program. This means your inventory is well taken care of. It also means that facilities don’t have to run the risk of forking out of the budget to replace stock that’s been inadvertently damaged.

The WDF’s simple, streamlined operation means facilities don’t have the hassle of training staff to use special settings or complicated controls — just set once for the same reliable results right up until your next scheduled validation.

Will the WDF work in our facility?

A lot has changed over the years when it comes to functional design and use of the dirty utility workspace, with working and storage space at a premium. The front loading accessibility of the WDF means that bench space above the unit is freed up for waist-height work or storage. The large capacity machine fits all of its features under the bench, to help keep your care team on top of the tasks that need to be done to get reusables safely processed.

This underbench design also means there’s extra room for other essential items or equipment such as storage or drying racks. The WDF allows your workflow to be adapted without loss of space above the bench.

There’s also options for those facilities that require an increased working height. The WDF can be used in conjunction with a stand to manage work heights, room design requirements, or other equipment and storage. So you have maximum flexibility when it comes to the fit and layout of your facility’s DUR space.

All in all, the WDF manages to achieve great versatility and adaptability — while still maintaining a sleek, streamlined operation. It’s a win/win for healthcare providers who get to enjoy flexibility and functionality in one, high capacity machine.

What about Malmet’s support and service schedule?

Many facilities have come to know and trust Malmet’s team of highly skilled technicians. The team of Malmet-trained service personnel span nationwide, which means you won’t be left high and dry in the case of border closures or lockdowns.

And with their dedicated team on hand, you can say goodbye to the headaches that come with lost productivity and down time due to difficulty getting parts. Instead, have the reassurance that service and validation will always be on schedule.

Who is the WDF for?

If your facility is looking to upgrade or install DUR equipment to ensure safety and compliance with the standards, then Malmet’s newest washer disinfector could be the answer.

The WDF is perfect for:

  • Facilities that require utensil processing and want it done with ease.
  • Facilities wanting to maximise space in a capital works project or a dirty utility redesign and refurbishment.
  • Facilities that require a dedicated DUR Utensil Washer Disinfector, but don’t have the space for a top loading system.
  • Any facility that wants the capacity that comes with a dedicated DUR Utensil Washer Disinfector, but doesn’t want to trade off work space, can have the best of both worlds with the WDF.
Is the WDF really new?

For healthcare facilities that have experienced the reliability of Malmet’s specialist DUR equipment and support provided over many years of service, then the WDF isn’t really new at all. Malmet has adapted to the changing DUR environment — but when it comes down to it, there’s some things that never really change.

If you’ve worked with Malmet in the past, then the WDF is simply getting what you’ve always had; Australian innovation, quality manufacturing and long term commitment to excellence — simply reimagined with functional and streamlined DUR design in mind. The same promise and real drive to serve and support the healthcare industry still remains at the heart of what we do.

Let’s talk

Want to keep in the loop about the launch of the WDF? To get all the info or have your specific WDF questions answered, email info@malmet.com.au or call 02 6953 7677.

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