Getting the dietary essentials right for healthy ageing

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Dietary deficiencies among the ageing population is a growing concern. The lack of sufficient nutrition in everyday food is causing major implications for the health and well-being of all Australians.

Often overlooked, fibre is essential in maintaining healthy ageing in older Australians. Fibre allows for a functional digestive system while also contributing to other major body processes such as the stabilisation of glucose and cholesterol levels.

However, the unfortunate reality is that many of these older Australians are often not getting enough fibre in their diet. This is irrespective of whether they live at home, are a resident of an aged-care facility, or a patient in a hospital environment.

“Individuals need 25–30g of fibre in their diet a day, and it’s concerning to see just how many people are not getting their recommended daily dose of fibre,” said Denise Burbidge, Accredited Practising Dietitian & Nutritionist, The Food Clinic.

“I see so many people who are struggling to eat their core foods — like fruits, vegetables and wholegrains. If people aren’t eating the right fibre rich foods, their body will experience a range of health complications.”

Recognising that every meal or snack is an opportunity to maximise nutrition intake — especially in a hospital setting — Australian food manufacturer SPC Ardmona created SPC ProVital. It’s a range of nutritious and expertly formulated fruit-based products designed to address specific health requirements.

SPC ProVital Fibre Right Apple and Prune Puree offers a delicious way for people to get a sufficient amount of nutrients into their diet, and can be consumed as a meal accompaniment or snack. It is specifically formulated to provide a good source of fibre, with at least 5g in each serve.

SPC ProVital is a ‘Texture C Puree’, which means it has been developed and rigorously tested to meet the strict guidelines of ‘Australian Standardised Terminology and Definitions for Modified Texture Foods and Fluids’ to deliver a product suitable for people on Texture C diets. SPC ProVital also offers easy-open portion controlled packaging, which means it is also easily accessible for those with mobility issues such as arthritis.

Dijana Dragicevich, Senior Speech Pathologist at the Royal North Shore Hospital said, “It’s so important that modifications to textures and flavours are made to products, especially for those with eating, speaking and mobility issues like dysphagia.”

A recent study of 400 patients conducted at Royal North Shore Hospital in Sydney revealed 7 out of 10 patients stated that the SPC ProVital Fibre Right fruit range taste and texture was either very good or excellent.

SPC believes that positive nutritional food choices support the health and longevity of all Australians. As the next evolution of the easy-open portion control fruit range, SPC ProVital Fibre Right makes it simple and delicious for people to meet their daily fibre intake. SPC ProVital is determined to give Australia’s ageing population choice, taste and nutrition every day, every meal occasion.

Key features of SPC’s ProVital Fibre Right range include:

  • Delicious apple & prune smooth fruit puree
  • Suitable for Texture C Diets
  • Available in portion control 120g cup and bulk 2.95kg can
  • Easy-open portion control packaging
  • Made in Australia
  • At least 5g of fibre per serve

For more information on SPC ProVital, visit

‘SPC ProVital’ is a registered trade mark of SPC Ardmona.

‘Fibre Right’ is a trade mark of SPC Ardmona.

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