SonoSite Fujifilm: One look and the difference is clear

Friday, 12 September, 2014

[hr]World leader in Point of Care (POC) Ultrasound FUJIFILM SonoSite has long recognised the very specific needs of physicians, and it offers products that are uniquely suited to provide full diagnostic capabilities at the bedside. Fast, high-quality imaging at the point of care saves lives, increases patient safety, and improves doctor efficiency.[hr]
The more recent launch of X-Porte Ultrasound Kiosk was a result of the feedback and experiences of hundreds of clinicians across Anaesthesia, ICU/ Critical Care, Emergency Medicine, MSK and more.
The state-of-the-art X-Porte includes advanced signal processing for high resolution imaging, 3D animated clinical guides and a multigesture user interface – all unique features in point-of-care ultrasound. X-Porte represents a new way of approaching ultrasound with interactive visual learning guides and simultaneous live scanning. The user interface has been designed to meet the needs of both the ultrasound professional and non-specialist who may only use the equipment occasionally.
Proprietary Extreme Definition Imaging (XDI) technology offers a revolution in image quality, significantly reducing visual clutter from side-lobe artefacts that affect conventional ultrasound imaging, regardless of system size.  Along with its slender design and profile, the X-Porte’s sealed user interface allows for rapid disinfection.
Gesture-Driven Interface The X-Porte’s multi-gesture touch screen has no buttons or controls for germs to hide behind, as would a traditional keyboard. The interface can be personalised to the user with the location of the keys rearranged for a streamlined workflow. This design also allows for future expansions and rapid integration of new features and technology.
Real-Time Reference & Learning - The X-Porte features real- time, on-board education including 3D animated learning tutorials with modelling of anatomy, and ultrasound beam interaction for fast learning of scanning techniques. The scan- along learning – can view and scan simultaneously for instant feedback on technique.
Warranty & Service
For servicing, nothing could be more convenient than X-Porte’s five-year warranty and self-contained, removable engine. The removable engine can also be replaced with  a loaner to minimise downtime.
A clinic or department can make customisations and establish standards to make work more efficient, and the interface can also be updated with new features or capabilities. Additional products include the PowerPark, which is a cordless and convenient charging solution that increases workflow and efficiency. Upgrades to the X-Porte are just about to be launched here in Australia with an expanded range of new transducers and functions.
fuji-film-logoFor more information please contact  FUJIFILM SonoSite ANZ on 1300 663 516  email

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