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Tuesday, 31 May, 2016

Nestlé Professional is the perfect partner to provide your healthcare food and beverage solutions. With brands you can trust, our unrivalled equipment and product expertise is perfectly aligned to the varying needs of healthcare sites.

NESTLÉ Docello® Protein Enriched Dessert Mixes have been specifically developed to meet menu standards for hospitals and aged care1, offering a versatile and easy to prepare, great-tasting addition to your menu range. But more importantly, they are packed with benefits to provide a vital source of protein and calcium in every serve when prepared as directed.

The importance of protein

Protein is a nutrient essential for building and repair of body tissues and the preservation of muscle mass. The ability to use protein from the food we eat is an important part of health at every age and becomes even more so in times of illness.

Hospital studies show that inadequate protein (and energy) intake can be found in as many as 50% of patients in Australian hospitals2. Inadequate protein intake can lead to reduced immune function, poorer healing and longer recuperation from illness.

Whilst all age groups need protein in varying amounts, metabolic changes with age mean the elderly need to eat more protein for the same benefit. Australian recommendations for protein intake in the over 70’s3 are around 25% more than those for younger adults, so a convenient, cost-effective protein enriched menu option can assist in contributing to additional patient and resident nutrition needs.

“Recommendations for protein intake in the over 70’s are around 25% more.”

Texture modified diets and thickened fluids are a dietary requirement for those diagnosed with dysphagia and has been found in as many as 68% of residents in aged care facilities4. The new range of NESTLÉ Docello® Protein Enriched Dessert Mixes meets Texture C requirements in being smooth and lump free, moist and cohesive enough to hold shape on a spoon and have the ability to be easily moulded, layered or piped when prepared as directed.

Great tasting range

NESTLÉ Docello® Protein Enriched Desserts deliver on taste as well as nutrition. Your patients and residents will love the variety, the flavour and texture of these desserts.

With menu variety and increased appetite appeal in mind, the tasty range of dessert flavours includes Protein Enriched Butterscotch, Protein Enriched Lemon and Protein Enriched Strawberry.

To achieve a winning flavour and nutrition combination, the product was developed in consultation with dietitians and leading speech pathologists. This also ensured texture and nutrition profiles suitable for hospitals and aged care.

Easy preparation

For consistency across multiple sites and to overcome changing labour challenges, the NESTLÉ Docello® Protein Enriched Dessert range was specifically designed to be quick and easy to make and is conveniently gluten free for effortless menu integration.

All our dessert mixes also have the nutrition calculated per serve for measurable dietary planning and provide detail around portion size, to give you the confidence of knowing their nutritional content when developing nourishing recipes or including the desserts as part of a complete menu.

Perfect Partner

Nestlé Professional is passionate about simply better beverage solutions. With reliable, technologically advanced systems to suit any location, you can offer a variety of quality hot beverages, consistently, cup after cup.

Front C Cup

Intuitive design

With stylish systems to suit all areas of your healthcare site, a variety of simple preparation menu choices and continuous support and service, NESCAFÉ ALEGRIA is the perfect choice for serving up quality beverages on demand - offering a choice of reliable systems that will deliver across multiple consumption points and perfectly suit the taste needs of your staff, patients and visitors alike.

Unbeatable simplicity

Backed by our industry leading technical expertise, we have a range of hard-working systems to suit any location. All our machines are simple to use, for you, your staff and your visitors – meaning less skill and maintenance is required.

Ideal where space is a premium, the robust yet compact design of the NESCAFÉ ALEGRIA range of tabletop solutions means that less bench top is taken up. Handy switchable door hinges allow for flexibility in machine placement wherever you need your NESCAFÉ ALEGRIA system to fit.

With an unrivalled range of quality products, the NESCAFÉ ALEGRIA machine offers café-style menu selections, including long black coffee, flat white, cappuccino, espresso, latte, mocha and everyone’s winter favourite, hot chocolate, all at the simple touch of a button.

When there is a need to serve copious amounts of black coffee and fast, then the NESCAFÉ ALEGRIA V-Café is the perfect solution. Straightforward to operate, an easy to clean closed system and patented dispensing process ensures that using the machine couldn’t be simpler.

Fast, reliable and durable high capacity mixing unit systems guarantee total flexibility with coffee menu options and environmentally friendly advanced cooling technology gives you peace of mind to know a great tasting, perfect temperature coffee is served every time.

Plus, with a patented product pump to achieve full evacuation and a clear side panel to monitor the amount of coffee dispensed, you can be certain of portion cup control, with no hassle and zero waste.

Pure coffee, quality ingredients

Being Australia’s #1 coffee5 NESCAFÉ is a trusted brand that consumers know and love. What’s more, NESCAFÉ is reassuringly made from nothing but 100% high-quality natural coffee beans. Slow roasted and ground, freshly brewed and then dried into granules, to deliver a delicious, full flavour with an irresistible aroma.

But it’s about more than just best quality beverages in a cup. With more than 75 years of NESCAFÉ expertise, our long-standing commitment to coffee has its foundations embedded in a genuine care for sustainability.

Having the largest geographical footprint in the NESCAFÉ portfolio, NESCAFÉ ALEGRIA solutions are used in over 110 countries worldwide to serve up simply great coffee. With these global consumption levels comes respect for the environment at every step and we do this by using the most efficient technologies, optimising energy and water consumption and using sustainably managed renewable energy sources. On a local level, at our NESCAFÉ coffee production plant in Gympie, Queensland, 70% of onsite energy consumption is now from renewable resources, due to recovering value from coffee ground by-products.

From bean to cup, you can be assured of serving up beverages of the highest standard, produced sustainably and ethically.

Dedicated service support

Not only does NESCAFÉ ALEGRIA deliver hassle-free, quality coffee at the touch of a button, the Nestlé Professional CaféCare service support means that everything runs smoothly and your equipment operates efficiently.

A nationwide team of experts will provide you with ongoing technical support and insightful advice, tailored to your specific needs. CaféCare services we provide include:

  • Friendly, efficient customer service.

  • Machine installation.

  • 24/7 technical support.

  • Preventative maintenance checks so your coffee is always the best quality.

  • Training for your staff, provided by our beverage experts.

Wherever and whenever you want to serve great coffee, the NESCAFÉ ALEGRIA range from Nestlé Professional is the perfect partner to deliver for your healthcare site.


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