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Tuesday, 15 March, 2016

Safe, economical & effective infection control with an Australian company

Hundreds of lives have been saved by Australian hospitals that have managed to slash the number of people catching infectious bugs while in care through the use of hospital grade hard surface sanitisers. However, rates still vary widely between hospitals, leading the National Health Performance Authority to warn hospitals with higher rates that they should learn from those where infection rates are up to three times lower, thanks in part to the use of hard surface sanitisers.
The latest figures from the authority, released in April 2015, show the number of people developing serious blood infections caused by the potentially deadly “golden staph” bug fell by 6 per cent in the last financial year. This includes cases of the “superbug” MRSA, which is resistant to commonly used antibiotics.
Professor of infectious diseases at the Australian National University Peter Collignon said the rates of blood infections had halved over the past decade, saving hundreds of lives thanks in part to the use of hard surface sanitisers.
“If you prevent one or two thousand cases per year, which we probably have done over the past 10 years, that literally is between 200 and 400 fewer deaths per year in Australia,” he said.
“That is also preventing a lot of suffering, and we are saving health care costs because people aren’t in hospital longer than they need to be”.
However, Professor Collignon warned that hospitals should not become complacent – many cases were still preventable with proper infection control such as staff making sure they cleaned their hands properly, and the use of hard surface sanitisers.
Australian company Eucalip Bio-Chemical Group Pty Ltd has innovatively manufactured a product, which is conveniently packaged in a sachet and ideal for everyday use as required – simply add water and safely and effectively sanitise your area. There are two hospital grade strengths in the Det-Sol range. Det-Sol 500 is used for sanitising hard surface areas, such as areas of food preparation and areas where general infection control is needed. Det-Sol 5000 is used in “dirty areas” where blood and body fluid spills may occur and a higher concentration of disinfection is required. Det-Sol is currently used by major hospitals, institutions, pathology laboratories and for military use nationally.
1 National Health Performance Authority Performance Report (9th April 2015)
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