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Wednesday, 15 June, 2016

Moffat’s reputation for delivering healthcare food service safety, reliability and efficiency has been well-earned over the years. The company’s success comes down to the individualised services they offer – and the unique, innovative technology they provide.

The Aladdin Temp-Rite range has been carefully researched and developed to ensure superior meal distribution solutions. Maintaining food temperature from the kitchen to the patient is paramount. Products include patented insulated trays, inductive heating systems and rethermalization carts. There’s also an integrated range of ancillary equipment for cook-chill systems.
Burlodge distribution systems also provide an innovative approach for the healthcare and hospital markets, with hot-line, cook-chill and cook-freeze applications. Burlodge offers clients a varied product line that caters to the entire spectrum of requirements for multiple portion meal tray distribution. The well-constructed, stylish range is suitable for both traditional cook-serve systems and cook-chill, with additional flexibility through the personalisation of individual patient trays.
foodThe B-Pod is a state-of-the-art system, designed to provide the very best solutions to workflow, safety, space requirements and food quality. The one-of-a-kind nesting system uses a base station to provide consistent convection heating and cooling, as the Pod carries individual trays through production, regeneration and on to delivery. The Pod rolls and nests into the base station which exchanges its heating and cooling to the food on the trays inside the Pod. Importantly, it’s all handling free - simply roll in to nest, roll out to serve.
SDX Thermobox gives a simple to use affordable solution to the challenges associated with meal transport in bulk or portions. The carts are designed to be easily moved by staff and simple plug and play operation reduces the headaches that can often be associated with adjustable control, the range is extremely flexible and offers cooling and heating for safe food transport
The advantages of combi-steamer cooking continues to attract new devotees. Evolving with their customer’s demands, Convotherm have recently developed a robust new touch display. easyToUCH alleviates the operation and adjustment time commitments required of the traditional combi-steamer. With the Press & Go mode a consistently high quality can be guaranteed – successful recipes can be easily pre-set and put on the speed dial. And, with large, self-explanatory symbols, even unskilled users can learn the operating system quickly.
It’s also possible to network the combi-steamers, with key applications centrally controlled via the internet. With the large workload and rigorous demands faced by healthcare providers this ease of use and multi-functionality is incredibly valuable.
The new Turbofan design also heeds the changing demands of the healthcare provider. Traditionally popular features, such as easy-clean vitreous enamel interiors, remain. Digital  controls and bi-directional fan systems have been improved. And a range of new features have been added, including knob-driven settings with large displays. When standards need to be consistently maintained these innovations deliver peace of mind and ongoing efficiency.
Another example of efficiency is the Metos Combi kettle. This device integrates a basic cooking kettle with a powerful mixing device, ensuring many dishes can be cooked from start to finish in one unit, with speed and consistency. With labour-intensive manual mixing a thing of the past, staff can focus on more important tasks.
With this technology our healthcare specialists can recommend meal delivery solutions that are functional and valuable. And they’re all backed with the renowned after-sale service typical of the full-integration Moffat approach.
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