AMCLA Medical : Sorbact® - Physical attraction

Friday, 14 March, 2014

AMCLA Medical : Sorbact® - Physical attractionPhysical, not chemical
Sorbact ® - The innovative antimicrobial wound dressing with microbe binding action.
The Sorbact® method has been proven to provide effective microbe binding action in chronic and acute wounds across all levels of contamination from colonized to infected. The Sorbact® method relies on a surprisingly simple physical principle to attract, bind and inactivate pathogenic bacteria and fungi without the complications of antibiotics or antiseptics. With every dressing change, the reduced bacterial load helps to create optimum conditions for the natural wound healing process.
AMCLA Medical : Sorbact® - Physical attractionThe Sorbact ® method: Hydrophobic interaction.
In aqueous environments hydrophobic particles (lipids, cell walls and membranes) naturally aggregate and are held together through their interaction with water molecules. The fatty acid derivative DACC (Dialkyl carbamoyl chloride) incorporated in Sorbact® products is highly hydrophobic as are the outer membranes and cell walls of pathogenic microbes. Microbes are bound to the dressing where they lose their ability to reproduce and infect the wound.
The useful advantages of the Sorbact® method:

  1. Effective against all common wound bacteria – even against MRSA and VRE
    The resistance of MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staph. aureus) and VRE (vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus) against antibiotics does not change their hydrophobic properties nor their ability to bind to Sorbact®.

  2. Rapid action: Quick and irreversible against common wound pathogens
    1cm2 of Sorbact® can bind 105 wound bacteria in only 30 seconds. After two hours, a thousand times more microbes are bound.2

  3. Reduces wound odour and wound pain
    By reducing the bacterial load.3

  4. No development of bacterial resistance
    Sorbact® does not use any antiseptic or antibiotic substances. Hence, treatment is not linked to any risk of development of resistant strains.

  5. No promotion of bacterial endotoxin release
    Unlike e.g. silver products, Sorbact® does not destroy bacteria. Thus, endotoxin release from dead cells is prevented, and the natural wound healing is supported.

  6. Wide usage
    Sorbact® can be used without hesitation during pregnancy and breast-feeding as well as on children.

  7. Indications
    Sorbact® can be used for all types of contaminated, colonized or infected exudating wounds, regardless of their aetiology, such as
    Chronic wounds

    • Venous leg ulcers

    • Diabetic ulcers

    • Pressure ulcers

    • Arterial ulcers prior to revascularization

Acute wounds

  • Post op and dehisced surgical wounds

  • Traumatic wounds

  • Post excision of fistulas or abscess

Sorbact is available in a wide range of dressing types and sizes:

  • COMPRESS – wound contact layer for deep, shallow or superficial wounds

  • NEGATIVE PRESSURE DRESSINGS – for use as a wound contact layer in negative pressure wound therapy.

  • GEL DRESSING – Sorbact dressings for dry or necrotic wounds

  • FOAM DRESSINGS – suitable for use in mild to moderating exudating wounds

  • ABSORPTION DRESSING PADS – provide an addition absorbent core for exudate handling

  • RIBBON GAUZE – for use in deep or cavity wounds of all kinds

  • ROUND SWABS – for wound swabbing or cleansing, as well as dressing of small deep wounds

  • SURGICAL FILM DRESSINGS – use a prophylactic surgical dressings to assist in the prevention of surgical site infections.

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