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Wednesday, 13 July, 2016

The way in which a Critical Care or ICU Bed turns, is not only absolutely critical to the safety of the patient, but the Nurses, Surgeons and Care staff that attend to the patient.

The Multicare critical care bed, when used in the critical care setting can provide a number of clinical and manual handling benefits. The clinical features include advantages for fine tuned patient positioning prior to clinical procedures and a reduction in preventable patient complications (such as respiratory and pressure related tissue injuries). Additionally, the safety and well being of the care staff, not only to aid the patient, but to protect against back injury is an integral feature of the MutiCare Critical Care Bed. The following article will outline the advantages for nursing and other operational support staff, as the Multicare bed can achieve a true lying surface lateral tilt without physical exertion. There are 2 key factors as to how the Multicare provides maximum safety of the patient and Care Staff

  • The Multicare is a unique and intelligent bed capable of finely tuned patient posturing for critical care invasive procedures whilst still providing pressure area care and metrics such as weight trends etc

  • The Multicare has a number of clinical, safety and logistical benefits for patients, staff and management

Patient Benefits

  • Automatic Lateral Therapy (ALT) Lack of movement puts patients in critical and intensive care units in danger of a number of medical complications. Reduction of the residual pulmonary capacity, atelectasis and pneumonia are serious medical complications that affect the respiratory tract of longterm immobile patients. The positioning of the patient plays an important preventative role here.

  • Ergoframe enables Easier breathing, eating & torso wound healing without additional complications are key benefits (diaphragmatic splinting & additional pain). The orthopneic chair® position created by the Ergoframe® mattress platform is intended mainly for patients with resting dyspnea, facilitating respiration. It combines a high Fowler’s position, pressure reduction in the abdominal area for easier deep breathing and foot support, allowing the use of additional breathing muscles.

  • Platform Based True lateral tilt will reduce inherent risks of manual handling (shearing/uncontrolled musculoskeletal movement), procedures & repositioning made easier & include pressure reduction

  • Side rail/Bed Exit Alarm/iBrake reduced falls risk, tilt inactivated when side rail down

Surgeon, Nurse  and Staff Benefits
Nursing is one of the professions with the highest risk of back pain. This is usually caused by the strain endured during positioning of heavy patients while providing care. Lateral tilt of the bed can help significantly in these situations. Work becomes much easier with automatic bed function, which also reduces the potential risk of human error.

  • Lateral tilt reduced physical manual handling for procedures & Pressure Injury prevention (Refer to figure 1.0)

  • iDrive safer, easier & quicker transport

  • Ergoframe reduced manual repositioning

  • Digital data display simple & accurate tilt measurement

The Multicare is an ICU and Crtical Care Bed which is widely used across the world. More information can be obtained via sales@acigroupaustralia.com.au or phone on 1800 429 117.
A Genuine Tilt for Nurse Safety
Designed to be ergonomically friendly, the tilt function, utilised in one easy touch, allows for the patient to be managed and handled with significantly less strain. With Genuine Lateral Tilt, the requirement for nurses to bend their back while reaching over to attend to the patient, is entirely removed. The benefits for patient recovery will exceed the expectations of your ward with the following features:

  • Easier breathing

  • Pressure injury prevention

  • Falls prevention

  • Prevention of pulmonary complications

  • Safe X-Raying

The Multicare’s innovative design has incorporated Staff Safety and patient recovery to create an optimal Critical Bed for your hospital.
The Multicare bed with the lateral tilt. A bed without the lateral tilt. A huge risk of back injury in the lumbar area.
Nurses and care staff are highly susceptible to back injuries. With Patient Handling a key factor in the increased risk of injury, the Multicare’s genuine lateral tilt is an ergonomic function that significantly reduces the physical strain when handling a patient.
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