A digitised environment enabling better patient care

By Ryan Mccann
Wednesday, 10 August, 2016

For medical and healthcare practices, one of the biggest and most important challenges is record keeping - not only of patient data but also of other documents deemed important to running the day-to-day business. It is naturally crucial that all medical records be readily available to share among GPs, specialist doctors, medical assistants, nurses and more. Given the ever-increasing computerisation of the industry, that means that all documents need to be available in digital form. However, even in practices where many internal systems have moved over to digital, in any given day it is common to produce a great number of physical documents as well. This is where technology from Brother is instrumental, especially in the conversion of physical records into the digital medium. The operations of most healthcare facilities produces many physical documents including referrals, clinical notes, test results, patient correspondence and the like so it is important that a digital counterpart exist to allow records to be stored and, where required, shared.
Outside of making physical records available for sharing, another major concern for the healthcare industry is ensuring a high standard for patient records when it comes to accuracy. It is crucial that all documents, both physical and digital are reliable as, more so than in most other industries, it can literally be a lifesaver. By adding scanning practices as part of the workflow, there is no risk of incorrectly disseminated information and removes any possibility of inaccurate interpretation. The Brother range of desktop and high-speed scanners allow departments to bring physical documents into their digital workflow, which, when combined with one of the latest series of scalable, modular monochrome laser printers, can create a complete future-driven document management solution.
A wireless high-speed scanner for small and medium sized departments
Health and medical professionals need tools that help them do their job quickly, efficiently and reliably especially in smaller departments where patient turnover may be high. Whether in a patient environment or management office, the demand for a fast way to capture physical documents into a digital record keeping system gives rise to questions of which devices to employ. When choosing the best scanner for a particular office, the three major tenants need to be strictly accustomed to making quality, speed and accuracy paramount. With this philosophy, Brother International Australia has released two new desktop and three high volume network scanners. The PDS-5000 and PDS-6000 desktop scanners are ideal for small to medium medical centres or hospital departments. The network features of the ADS-2800W, ADS-3000N and ADS-3600W scanners enhance the user experience allowing users to scan directly from the machine to multiple devices. With one simple press of a button, documents can be scanned and easily shared across teams and departments.
These high-speed scanners feature a compact footprint allowing for placement in the tight workspaces that medical centres and hospitals are accustomed to. Once in place, it is amazingly easy to use. More importantly, these scanners even protect valuable patient records with their jam sensor, multi-feed detection and advanced reverse roller system technology.
Powerful Imaging Drivers & Software Included
Transform everyday documents into powerful digital assets with a suite of complete programs including ABBYY FineReader Professional for PC and Mac, ABBYY PDF Transformer+ and Nuance PaperPort 14 SE for PC (depending on the model). And don’t forget Brother’s own user friendly Control Centre workstation for PC and Mac.
The PDS and ADS range also feature industry-standard ISIS and TWAIN drivers that ensure effortless integration into current and future document management systems. A range of advanced image processing functions also intuitively prepare and clean scanned files, optimising the quality of the scanned image for all your digitisation needs.
Scan directly to a variety of cloud services or go mobile and scan to your staffs’ smartphones and tablet devices with Brother’s own iPrint&Scan app. This allows for multiple user collaboration, streamlined storage management and peace-of-mind in the event of disaster recovery.
The Brother Solutions Interface (BSI), featured on both the ADS-3600W and ADS-2800W, is a platform that helps third-party developers and system integrators easily merge customised solutions with compatible Brother devices. In a larger environment and combined with networking and workgroup features, a single Brother ADS scanner can integrate with an entire ward or medical centre.
These products are compatible/integrated with multiple software packages used in the healthcare industry including Medical Director, Genie, Best Practice, Visage RIS/PACS (Promedicus) Cerner, EPIC and Meditech.
Help to find the perfect solution
Brother has a dedicated Special Solutions Team (SST) whose sole purpose is to work with customers to develop complete technology packages tailored to the specific needs of a workspace. Headed by Luke Howard, Brother International Australia’s Commercial Market Development Channel Manager, the team is dedicated to delivering top of the range products and solutions to assist customers in meeting their evolving business needs when it comes to scanners and printing. The team will endeavour to better understand the workflow environment of a business and come up with an appropriate print and imaging configuration to suit.
Brother SST deployments have supported a range of customers spanning industries including healthcare, financial, retail, education and government.
For those working with a solution provider to maintain an IT infrastructure, the Brother Solutions Interface (BSI) is perfect for deployment within your work environment. Designed for Solution Providers and their clients with in-house development capability, Brother provides a BSI Kit. This is a web-based software development platform that enables developers to build customised solutions using the in-built BSI Interface in selected Brother Scanners and other devices.
Through the BSI Platform, Brother encourages custom software developers to create customised print and scan solutions seamlessly with clients and customers.
Understanding the Brother High Speed Scanner Range
The range on offer includes the Brother PDS-5000 ($1399 RRP) and PDS-6000 ($2199 RRP) desktop solutions which scan two-sided colour up to 60ppm / 120 ipm and 80ppm / 160 ipm respectively. This is achieved through the Advanced Reverse Roller paper separation system for exceptional paper feed efficiency, helping to prevent loss of content and keep scan flow moving. Combine this with the Ultrasonic Multifeed Detection feature which uses sound waves to identify potential misfeeds and the risk of damaged documents and lost data is greatly reduced.
Both models feature Kofax VRS compatibility which enables the PDS-series to deliver the best-possible image quality through improved optical character recognition (OCR) processing. This can be used to convert hand written notes into text so it can be edited and redistributed as required.
For those needing a feature-rich network scanner, Brother’s ADS-2800W, ADS-3000N and ADS-3600W, all offer full network functionality which allows the machine to connect with multiple users on various devices without the need for a link to a central PC. Having access to networking capability without having to log-on to a central PC results in better workflow efficiency and eliminates the costs associated with having to install software at multiple points / locations. The ADS-3000N and ADS-3600W scan single and double-sided materials in a single pass, in both colour and black/white, at up to 50ppm / 100ipm at 300dpi. The ADS-2800W scans single and double-sided materials in a single pass, in both colour and black/white, at up to 30ppm / 60ipm at 300dpi.
The top of the range Brother ADS-3600W has an intuitive touchscreen that unlocks a wealth of features. It allows you to create your own profiles to scan directly to PC, web, network, email server, USB, apps (including Microsoft Office - Word, Excel & Powerpoint) and the cloud via the 9.3cm LCD colour touchscreen. The smaller units are perfect in a GP office with the larger high volume floor standing-models designed with larger environments like hospitals in mind. It also integrates seamlessly with applications including Medical Director, Genie, Best Practice, Visage RIS/PACS (Promedicus) Cerner, EPIC and Meditech.
One device to rule them all
Across multiple departments or when communicating between hospitals, specialists and other healthcare facilities, it is highly likely that a different set of procedures will be in operation when it comes to how patient data is recorded, stored and shared. However, no matter how information is stored, there will always be a universal need for it to be in a digital form. With the Brother scanner range, bringing physical documents into any record keeping system is a breeze so that no matter what system a business has in place, hooking directly into it is simple. With one device you can service an entire practice, ward or even hospital and in a way that staff can easily interact with. Combined with a tablet or other mobile device and Brother’s own iPrint&Scan app, scanning records and sharing them with patients has also never been easier. After all, in the end, it is patient care that is most important of all.  
brotheratyourside-logoFor more information, visit http://corpsolutions.brother.com.au/scanning-solutions.html or contact the Brother Commercial Division today on 1300 885 989 or corporatesales@brother.com.au

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