LASA Responds to Intergenerational Report

By Petrina Smith
Monday, 09 March, 2015

The Intergenerational Report highlights the case for structural policy reform in aged care services.
“Although reform has begun the intergeneration report underpins that government and industry cannot take their foot off the reform accelerator if we are to address the demands and seize the opportunities an ageing Australia presents us.” Patrick Reid, CEO of Leading Age Services (LASA), says.
While the Intergenerational Report provides key data and acknowledges a 222% increase in the aged care costs by 2055, the Intergenerational Report’s value is foreshadowing how all industry stakeholders respond to the key drivers outlined in multiple reports, however we are yet to fully realise the policy and practice levers needed to meaningfully impact at all levels of service delivery.
“While much of the analysis in the Intergenerational Report is not unexpected what we did take away was the overwhelming need for Australians of all ages to discuss ageing as a normal part of our lives that will require investment and innovation particularly in the critical area of technology. Age services is currently under invested in technology and the productivity yield from modest government investment will be much greater than the sum of its parts. ”
“Increasing productivity goes hand in glove with sustainability challenges that lie ahead for all community services, the message of doing more with less is well heard, but first the investment in core components for this challenge must be made by government. This leveraging of latent capability through modest investment is critical to the fiscal success of the plans outlined in the Intergenerational Report and yet are not a focus of current reform.”
“Managing the expectations of those approaching the need for age services, informing younger generations of the funding implications and supporting industry to use every suitable technology and innovation to rise to the challenge is long overdue.”
“As the voice of the age services industry LASA believes industry is ready to do everything it can to maximise productivity and is driving innovation in a number of areas, but it cannot do this alone.”
“In March LASA will host InnovAGE the first ever event to encourage edge thinking in aged care, essentially bringing our brightest and best minds together to work on the challenges ahead for aged care.”
“In order to maximise this effort industry needs government to be a meaningful partner and commit to implementing further reforms and lead Australia to a contestable aged care market in order to meet demand while living within our means.”
To view the full Intergenerational Report, click here.

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