Food safety still the number one priority for caterers

Tuesday, 15 December, 2015

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The health of our nation is always on the agenda of news outlets, so it’s no surprise that eggs and food safety procedures have been prominent in the media recently. It’s of ongoing importance that best practice and stringent measures in food safety are at the forefront of the food industry.

eggs1996---Smashed-Egg-sandwich-(warm-background)Commercial kitchens are known to be amongst the most pressure-cooked work environments around, so it has never been more important for caterers to be able to trust in the products they serve, when the heat is on.

One way caterers can feel confident in the product they serve, is to research and ensure food comes from reputable sources where stringent food safety protocols are in place.

Sunny Queen prides itself on its Quality Assurance and food safety programs, and recommends that customers ask their suppliers detailed questions about their QA protocols. Sanitation and cleaning procedures, pest control programs, precise cooking protocols, microbiological testing and traceability are just some of the quality protocols Sunny Queen has in place as part of its Quality Management System.

“Food safety doesn’t have to be daunting, it just needs diligence.”

poached-eggsFood safety doesn’t have to be daunting, it just needs diligence. Sunny Queen Meal Solutions’ products provide the perfect solution for busy kitchens looking for safe, nutritious, interesting and above all tasty menu options. Sunny Queen Meal Solutions are all fully-cooked or pasteurised, eliminating the need to use raw eggs so real egg dishes can be served with confidence.

Whether it’s a function for 100 guests or meal time for 10,000 hospital patients, eggs are an incredibly versatile, nutrient-rich food source, making them the perfect choice for busy caterers. Egg based Meal Solutions available from Sunny Queen include Smashed Egg, Homestyle Poached Egg, Fritters, Egg Bites, Omelettes and pasteurised liquid products.

Food Safety Tips

Fritter-006_lightenedTo minimise the risk of adverse health outcomes Sunny Queen Australia recommends the following:

  • Do not use cracked or dirty eggs.

  • Shell eggs, once cracked, should be fully cooked before consumption.

  • Use of pasteurised egg pulp for making sauces, batters, custards and other uncooked egg products.

  • Always sanitise benches and equipment to avoid cross contamination between raw and cooked products.

  • Always clean your hands thoroughly before and after handling egg and egg products.

  • Follow the recommended storage, thawing and cooking/heating guidelines.

Poached-Egg-004Sunny Queen Meal Solutions

  • Real eggs, laid on Sunny Queen Farms

  • High sanitation and cleaning practices

  • Pest control programs

  • Temperature-controlled supply chain

  • Strict biosecurity protocols

  • Approved, accredited suppliers

  • All products are fully traceable

  • All products have best before dates for safe consumption

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