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By John Connole
Monday, 22 October, 2012

Total Software Applications delivers a “One Stop” solution, called healthVue for hospitals; providing access to critical information from disparate systems and global content through a user-friendly touchscreen.

We are an Australian company that has, in the last six years developed a world leading e-health platform in collaboration with leading Australian hospital groups.

In fact, it has been commercially deployed in Australia for a number of years.

Our healthVue system allows clinicians in hospitals to access all medical records; X-ray, e-Prescribe, pathology results and other related information that doctors and nurses require at the bedside from a secure, simple, purpose built, customisable touchscreen. Further, the system is multilingual and cost neutral.

Our system is patient centric, therefore reducing medical errors including any possibility of identity error, also reducing miscommunication and information mismanagement at the point of care.

The system has many features that can assist both staff and management in their day-to-day duties, such as rostering, inventory, electronic menu service as well as bedside discharge and check in, in emergency departments.

Furthermore, the system delivers significant cost savings and efficiencies that contribute directly to the bottom line of a hospital, regardless of whether it is private or public.

Significant benefits will be achieved by hospitals by providing computing facilities to the patient’s bed.

healthVue provides bedside computing in one device that provides clinical services and state of the art entertainment service for patients. The convergence of the two services allows hospitals to achieve bedside computing at an affordable price.

healthVue is a patient bed-side touch screen computer with an optional integrated telephone, digital TV, hundreds of movies, music, internet, social media, FamilyConnect video-conferencing (same as Skype) and credit card swiping capability.

Hospitals may replace existing telephone and analogue TV infrastructure with healthVue units.

The commercial imperative for change is to replace existing telephone and TV service contracts and to utilise the computing capabilities of the healthVue units to develop information and work flow practices to reduce medical errors, improve patient care, reduce cost and improve productivity.

healthVue is a fully integrated bedside computer and patient entertainment system. Clinicians are able to access critical health information systems from the same device used by patients for an array of entertainment options including digital and pay TV, Movies-on-Demand, FamilyConnect (same as Skype) internet, telephone, radio, talking books, games, music videos and education relating to the patients specific condition.

The software runs on the Microsoft operating system.

The hardware consists of a specialised touch-screen computer at the bedside connected to the wall by a fully flexible articulated arm.

All hardware components are manufactured with antibacterial chemicals and are easily sterilised to comply with hospital infection control policies.

healthVue provides a window to clinical systems used by the hospitals. It connects easily to these systems through a simple user interface.

While clinicians are using the device, the patient’s entertainment session is paused to ensure that their entertainment experience remains enjoyable.

The equipment consists of some head-end servers, floor switches, as well as the arms and terminals located at the bedside.

Equipment, installation, maintenance and the provision of content is the responsibility of TSApps. TSApps provides an end-to-end solution.

Patients and staff access support at the touch of a button allowing them access to TSApps Service Centre.

All repairs and defects are managed by TSApps.

healthVue provides:

  • Improving health outcomes (right patient information at the bedside to assist clinical observations/decisions).

  • Cost savings (e.g. reduction in food wastage through online menus).

  • Workforce efficiencies (e.g. redeploy ward clerk resources to wards instead of searching for files, ‘back of house’).

  • Business and Operational efficiencies (e.g. discharge process from the bedside).

  • New revenue generation opportunities (revenue share from premium patient content, advertising, etc)

  • The opportunity to extend health care beyond hospital walls into the community and the home.


healthVue allows hospitals to move towards a ‘smart’ health service by establishing a technology driven communication and information facility for the provision of clinical, administrative and patient services on an intra and inter campus basis. The system will provide value by utilising hardware and software solutions to improve efficiency and productivity in all service areas.

Whilst traditional forms of entertainment such as free to air TV and radio services are still required there is an increasing requirement by patients for a more diversified range of entertainment and wellbeing services.

The opportunity for hospitals

To consolidate the provision of multimedia (voice, data, video and biometrics) services onto a common communications infrastructure and integrated terminal equipment at the bedside, to provide voice, data and video functionality for clinical (including biomedical), administrative, patient and visitor use. The significant revenues from the patient entertainment, advertising and sponsorship will not only cover the equipment and support costs but also provide an ongoing revenue stream to the hospital. Additionally, there are major cost savings from patient outcome improvements, administrative costs and in releasing staff to concentrate on clinical rather than administrative work.

Bedside equipment

Digital multimedia workstation available to each bedside with flat screen monitors and phones mounted on a flexible arm to provide multi-functional use e.g. clinical and patient services. Video camera, microphone and headphones, swipe reader/barcode, optical recognition device or similar reader can be used on each monitor, jack mounting for headsets.


  • Access to patient information including pathology, patient history, patient ID, imaging, both real time and archived, clinical monitoring and video conferencing for remote consultation.

  • Online entry of and access to patient notes. Remote access to patient information via multimedia.

  • Remote multimedia clinical surveillance of patients from nurses station or other areas.

  • Multimedia communication from bedside.

  • Remote and local monitoring and recording of biometric information.


  • Discharge and admission from bedside.

  • Electronic ordering of meals off touch screens from the bedside.

  • Security surveillance.

  • Area access control for staff, patients and visitors.

Patient entertainment and wellbeing services

  • Free to air TV and radio cable TV and radio services over the Local Area Network (LAN). Games selection. Internet access.

  • Private phone, fax, email and video conferencing facilities for patients.

  • Packaged content such as current release movies and videos.

  • Patient specific information available via multimedia at the bedside (voice, data, video).

  • Access to Cable TV and Services.

  • Online access to support services such as Chaplains, News agency, Personal Care, Laundry.

  • Interactive services such as games.

  • Health and wellness education programs, which may incorporate commercial content or sponsorship, which will increase revenues further.

  • Charging for services on a fee for service basis online.


  • Significant revenue will be derived from a broad range of multimedia services offered to patients.

  • Savings on clinical, administrative and patient service costs are potentially dramatic.

  • Consolidation of services onto a common bedside platform will significantly reduce costs.

Call Jemma today on 02 9808 1131 or 0431 112 949 for further information or to discuss how healthVue can take your hospital to the next level.


tel: 02 9808 1131
fax: 02 8580 4616

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