Putting patients at ease with smart and effective technology

By Corin Kelly
Wednesday, 02 November, 2016

Putting patients at ease with smart and effective technology

If you find yourself in the emergency room as a patient, things have probably not gone your way in recent times. Chances are you would prefer to be anywhere else and so when it comes time to be admitted, the more effortless that process is, the better. This is where the Brother TD-2000 series label printers can assist in patient care, by streamlining admissions - especially when it comes to Patient ID printing. In addition to speed, it also allows for higher reliability and can improve patient safety by utilising smarter and safer patient ID techniques and barcode medical administration system integration.
The TD-2000 series uses barcode point of care technology for real-time verification of crucial information like patient details, what medication they require and dosage as well as time and route. It can also provide automated alerts to caregivers in order to eliminate potential harmful errors before they occur, helping to protect patients, provide peace of mind for clinicians, and maintain compliance with important patient safety regulations.
With connectivity options that include mobile devices and configurations that include Lithium Ion rechargeable batteries, staff can work in virtually any area of a hospital. Its transportable, wireless format empowers clinicians to administer care directly where it’s needed most—with the patient—at almost any point of care location whether from a workstation in admissions to a cart at patient bedside, and everywhere in between.
The Brother TD-2000 series excels as the backbone of any patient ID system. It is, after all, a label printer and can be used with a wide range of label types and uses in hospitals and other healthcare arenas. Labelling is an important part of the information communication process outside of patient ID wristbands. It can also be relied upon for labelling medication dosage, giving patients instructions for prescriptions, patient or creating fast and accurate labels when preparing medical samples to be sent away to the laboratory for analysis. These need to be reliable and accurate as making a mistake can be extremely costly and inefficient. A simple error of incorrect printing and labelling just won’t do as it can literally mean the difference between life and death.
The Cerner Certified Brother TD-2120N is a perfect match for the healthcare industry as it is a robust and versatile solution that is highly customisable. It can be used as a desktop labeller, connected directly into a PC or it can be configured to be portable using the optional Lithium Ion battery attachment. Brother understands that every healthcare professional is different and that the needs of an environment can change over time. With the demands placed on the care professionals, versatile and mobile tools are essential in maintaining accuracy with maximum efficiency.
Customisable to meet your labelling & record printing needs
As every healthcare professional has different needs, there are numerous optional extras available which allows for you to pick and choose in creating the TD to your unique requirement. TD-2120N series has been created to be modular so depending on the needs of the user, it can be customised to fulfil a specific function and can easily be reconfigured as a business changes over time, making it more cost efficient. It can act as a PC connected label printer, transform into a mobile printer, go wireless via Bluetooth or WiFi or even include an LCD screen to remove the need of a computer or mobile device altogether.
Brother has a dedicated Corporate Solutions Team whose sole purpose is to work with companies to discuss complete technology packages tailored to the specific needs of a workspace. Headed by Luke Howard, Brother International Australia’s Commercial Market Development Channel Manager, the team is dedicated to delivering top of the range products and solutions to assist customers in meeting their evolving business needs. Working with the team, you can find the best configuration of the TD-2120N for your business and create a solution that incorporates other Brother technologies and services to bring down the cost of ownership, maintenance and initial deployment.

For more information, contact the Brother Commercial Division on:
Phone: 1300 885 989
Email: corporatesales@brother.com.au
Website: http://corpsolutions.brother.com.au
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