Lille Continence Institute

By John Connole
Thursday, 06 September, 2012

Lille Continence Institute is Lille Healthcare’s accredited provider of education and training programs directed at health professionals treating incontinence issues.

Incontinence-related costs are one of the highest costs to a residential aged care facility and good continence management is essential to minimise these expenses. Quality incontinence aids are obviously fundamental in efficient continence management, but expert education also plays a vital – and often overlooked – role in truly managing incontinence effectually.

Lille Continence Institute offers education packages to facilities on all aspects of continence assessment, management and treatment. Their continence education can contribute towards lowering pad usage in a facility and can decrease the number of incontinent episodes among residents. It can even help to reduce the number of incontinent residents at a facility by identifying and treating the underlying causes of incontinence.

They offer four pertinent 4-hour seminars, but they can also specifically tailor education programs to meet your facility’s needs. All education is planned and presented in the most suitable way for all staff on all shifts, and all sessions are conducted at a venue appropriate to your facility.

Their courses are devised and delivered by a specialist team of qualified Continence Nurse Advisors who have extensive experience as Registered Nurses in various healthcare settings. The courses are conducted face-to- face, affording staff the opportunity to actively participate in ‘hands on’ demonstrations, ask questions, and engage in discussion with their peers and superiors.

Complementing the face-to-face delivery is an online learning centre that provides access to supporting learning materials and allows staff to complete interactive quizzes and obtain a certificate for each course. The online component can be completed at any time, which is beneficial for busy staff in a hectic work environment.

Facility management are able to access the online reporting centre in order to generate data on their staff’s enrolments, course completions, and awarded certificates for each course – alleviating the time-consuming, administrative burden associated with staff development and training.

Lille Continence Institute’s efficacious continence education not only assists in lowering a facility’s pad usage, but it also helps to reduce continence-related expenditure in other areas, such as laundering costs and staff labour costs. Improvements in all of these areas will directly impact on keeping your facility’s costs down and your budget in check.

It will also contribute to achieving and maintaining accreditation standards 2.1 Continuous Improvement (the organisation actively pursues continuous improvement), 2.3 Education and Staff Development (management and staff have appropriate knowledge and skills to perform their roles effectively), and 2.12 Continence Management (residents’ continence is managed effectively).

Up to 25% of nursing time is occupied by incidences relating to incontinence. Lille Continence Institute can help to minimise these time wast-ages and get the most out of your staff’s abilities and time.

Lille Continence Institute grants Continuing Nurse Education (CNE) points for all completed courses. The Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia stipulates that nurses must participate in at least 20 Continuing Professional Development (CPD) hours per year in order to maintain their registration. Lille Continence Institute’s seminars attract 4 CNE points each (1 CNE point equates to 1 CPD hour) and participants are issued with an official certificate that states the length of the session and a brief description of the outcomes.

The benefits for facility management and staff are clear, but most importantly, Lille Continence Institute’s expert education enhances your ability to provide quality care for your residents – it promotes improved resident outcomes, quality of life, and dignity for incontinence sufferers.

Studying through Lille Continence Institute increases your staff’s clinical knowledge, provides access to the latest continence management innovations, and supplies better continence management solutions for your residents. Can your residential aged care facility afford to be without it?

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