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Wednesday, 21 September, 2016

Nestle? Professional is the perfect partner to offer healthy food and beverage options, suited for all meal times throughout the day. With brands you can trust, our unrivalled expertise in foodservice is perfectly aligned to the demanding needs of hospitals and aged care.
Coffee is one of life’s little pleasures and not surprisingly one of the most consumed beverages in the world, with about 5,500 cups of NESCAFÉ drunk around the world every second.
Contrary to the common assumption that coffee contains additives and is highly processed, Australia’s favourite coffee1, NESCAFÉ Blend 43 is reassuringly in fact made from nothing but 100% high-quality natural coffee beans.
What’s more, everyone’s #1 coffee is produced sustainably and ethically right here in Australia at our NESCAFÉ production plant in Gympie, Queensland, where 70% of onsite energy consumption comes from renewable resources.
Our beans are slow roasted and ground, freshly brewed and then dried into granules, for a delicious, full flavour with an irresistible aroma. From bean to cup, with NESCAFÉ Blend 43 you can be assured of serving up simply great coffee to your patients and residents.
To remove the potential frustration that hardto-open packaging can trigger in hospital and aged care environments, NESCAFÉ Blend 43 also comes in an easy to open, portion controlled stick pack format.
When you need to serve copious amounts of coffee and fast throughout the day, the NESCAFÉ ALEGRIA V-Café will deliver great tasting hot beverages, cup after cup.
But it’s not just about being able to consistently serve up a lot of coffee, on demand, 24/7, at any hour of the day.
Variety in menu choice is just as important to meet your patients’ needs and at the touch of a button NESCAFÉ ALEGRIA allows you to provide just that with delicious café-style menu selections like long black, flat white, cappuccino, espresso, latte, mocha and a classic comforting treat - hot chocolate.
So whether you want to offer patients and residents a stimulating start to the day with their breakfast meal, a refreshing recharge at lunchtime and later in the day as an afternoon snack accompaniment, or to give comfort and relaxation towards the end of the day, the NESCAFÉ ALEGRIA system is the perfect choice.
Ensuring that your patients and residents are getting good nutrition and enjoying their meals is often a balancing act. At Nestlé Professional, we are passionate about healthy, convenient additions to your menu range that work for all meal times, throughout the day.
Our latest addition to this commitment is the NESTLÉ Docello® Protein Enriched Dessert Mixes. Specifically developed to meet menu standards for hospitals and aged care2 they provide a vital source of protein and calcium in every serve when prepared as directed.
“This versatile, cost-effective protein enriched range is gluten free and also meets Texture C requirements, allowing better menu integration and offering increased variety for patients and residents with special diet needs,” says Karen Kingham, Accredited Practising Dietitian & Brand Nutritionist at Nestlé Professional.
Our Protein Enriched dessert mixes offer calculated nutrition per serve for measurable dietary planning, giving you the confidence of knowing nutritional content when developing nourishing recipes or including desserts as part of your complete menu.
NESTLÉ Docello® Protein Enriched Desserts deliver on taste as well as nutrition. Your patients and residents will love the variety, the flavour and texture of these desserts.
With menu variety in mind, the tasty range of dessert flavours includes Protein Enriched Butterscotch, Protein Enriched Lemon and Protein Enriched Strawberry.
With a 10-year track record, our MAGGI range has pioneered in the gluten free arena and today we have developed an extensive range of gluten free options for hospitals and aged care.
“With menu planning in mind, the MAGGI Gluten Free range gives you absolute flexibility for effortless menu integration. The great tasting range of sauces, soups, boosters, mash and gravy mixes considerably reduce menu complexity and enable greater patient and resident choice across menus, so you can offer varied meal options to support appetite appeal,” adds Karen.
Nestlé Professional is your trusted partner in hospitals and aged care.
Talk to us today about serving up healthy solutions ideally suited to your patient and resident needs on 1800 20 30 50 or visit

1 Volume and Value Sales AC Nielsen Scan Data MAT 01/03/2016
2 BIS Shrapnel 2013
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