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By John Connole
Monday, 27 August, 2012

The dawn of a new era with the CRANEX® 3D and SCANORA® 3D for all maxillofacial imaging requirements. The new CRANEX® 3D is a high quality imaging system with panoramic, cephalometric and Cone Beam 3D imaging programs. With its new feature EasyScout TM view for 3D images, The CRANEX® 3D makes patient positioning more accurate.

The CRANEX® 3D is a high quality dental imaging system with panoramic, cephalometric and Cone Beam 3D imaging programs, which provide enhanced tools for practicing advanced diagnosis. The device offers one of the most dynamic systems designed to meet a modern clinics’ challenging needs. The system is very easy to learn to operate and is extremely user-friendly.

“The CRANEX® 3D combines ease of use with cutting edge performance for demanding dental clinics, general radiology and specialist maxillofacial practices. All SOREDEX® — products have a long service life and they are very reliable” praises Antero Salo, Finnish oral and maxillofacial surgeon.

“In most cases the setting or positioning of the patient is a device’s Achilles heel. A user can just pick and point right area from the patient’s dental arch. The CRANEX® 3D device exposes a couple of small pulses in order to see whether the patient is in right position and the correct area is being pictured with EasyScout™. This reduces the number of missed exposures tremendously” Salo said.

A patient can be part of the treatment planning

For a patient the CRANEX® 3D provides the remarkable advantage that there is only a low dose of radiation and the image scanning lasts just a few moments.

For a patient the CRANEX® 3D provides a convenient way of undergoing dental surgery because everything can be done in the same practice from start to finish. “The trust from dental surgical patients has increased through measures taken during the planning of procedures and through seeing the images beforehand” Salo said.

“No procedure should be done without visualising it first on the screen. Also, the patient’s confidence towards dental surgery has grown more than many can even imagine. For a doctor it is easier to clarify the treatment and it can even be designed in collaboration with the patient. Dental surgery now has a much more positive image.”

Where the CRANEX® 3D is a compact multifunctional system, the SCANORA 3D has four freely selectable fields of View as well as True 2D panoramic imaging via a separate CCD sensor so that all craniofacial imaging is catered for, including facial trauma as well as ear, nose and throat. The New Extra Large FoV covers the whole Dentomaxillofacial area, extending diagnosis and treatment planning capabilities of the SCANORA 3D for Orthodontic and Orthognatic procedures, airway studies and trauma cases.

Features include:

AutoSwitch™ changes the detectors between 3D and panoramic. NO expensive sensors to exchange, move, drop or damage.

Outstanding computing intelligence—the SCANORA® 3D uses a sophisticated algebraic reconstruction technique (ART) for reconstructing the volume data. ART improves image quality and is less sensitive to the main causes of image artifacts.

High technology flat-panel detector

Always the lowest possible X-ray dose—four selectable 3D fields of view allow the examination area to be precisely selected, thus reducing patient dose to an absolute minimum.

Full diagnostic information—after scanning and image reconstruction, a full range of diagnostic options can be utilised. For instance, a complete set of cross-sectional views of the jaw can be automatically generated by drawing a center line along the axial slice.

Rigid patient support

Easy preparation for imaging

Integrated software solutions and open software architecture with imaged produced in DiCOM format.

Depending on the clinical requirements there is a Soredex solution to fit every need. Since 1977 SOREDEX has been a leader in providing innovative imaging solutions for demanding professionals. Through continuous evolution and refinement we have set the highest industry standards for Quality, Reliability and Efficiency. Australian Imaging has an 18 year relationship with Soredex in the Australian market, providing these quality products with only the best in expertise, support and service.

Pride. Passion. Performance.

SOREDEX in Australia

Australian Imaging Pty Ltd Ph: 1300 60 28 58.

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