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Automated pharmacy means more time for patient care

28 April, 2017 by

At the heart of this automated pharmacy system are drug dispensary robots that can precisely scan, move and store more than $200,000 worth of medicines each day.

Reprocessing of re-usable medical devices — progress against the NSQHS Standard 3

28 April, 2017 by

Cleaning, disinfecting and sterilising re-usable medical devices and equipment provides an essential foundation for delivering safe and good-quality care.

Live animals for trauma training no longer an option

28 April, 2017 by

The Royal College of Surgeons has ruled that simulators are better than live animals for training surgeons to perform life-saving surgery.

The astounding success of ingestible sensors

26 April, 2017 by

Gas sensing is just the beginning of what these smart pills can do.

New therapy for treating infants with bronchiolitis

25 April, 2017 by

After more than 10 years of research, Australian medical researchers are set to change the way we treat infants with respiratory illness, with Queensland emergency departments already adopting the new therapy.

Safer anaesthesia for narrowed airways

19 April, 2017 by

This technique has been credited with helping to save at least one life already.

Thunderstorm asthma and the role of the hospital pharmacist

18 April, 2017 by Kristin Michaels*

On the evening of 21 November 2016, after a wild and windy thunderstorm, the city of Melbourne was plunged into a 'thunderstorm asthma' epidemic.

TB progress threatened by global rise of multidrug resistance

15 April, 2017 by

The rise in multidrug-resistant TB threatens to derail decades of progress.

The national shortfall in lifesaving drugs — what's the answer?

10 April, 2017 by

A shortage of lifesaving drugs has been plaguing the Australian hospital system. Is there a solution?

Low-dose steroids are brain-safe for preterm bubs

10 April, 2017 by

A French study reveals that low doses of steroids given to preterm infants are not linked to any harmful effects on brain development at two years of age.

Deadly pneumonia could be knocked out by this hormone

05 April, 2017 by

Stimulating this hormone could prevent pneumonia bacteria from spreading by starving it to death.

The evidence doesn't stack up for e-cigarettes

05 April, 2017 by

While e-cigarettes may expose users to fewer toxic chemicals than conventional tobacco, questions remained unanswered.

Hepatitis patients "dying of embarrassment"

04 April, 2017 by

"I am aware that many people living with hepatitis feel too stigmatised to get help. They are literally dying of embarrassment," said Dr Sally Cockburn.

Could vitamin C sensitise cancer cells to radiation?

04 April, 2017 by

This successful safety study sets the stage for phase II clinical trials into the effect of high-dose vitamin C on overall lifespan and quality of life for patients undergoing radiation and chemotherapy.

Potential new tool to aid breast cancer surgery

30 March, 2017 by

University of Adelaide researchers have developed an optical fibre probe that distinguishes breast cancer tissue from normal tissue — potentially allowing surgeons to be much more precise when removing breast cancer.

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