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Safewards: improving safety in Victorian mental health units

29 June, 2017 by

The $2.4 million Safewards program is being rolled out across all Victorian public mental health units.

Early detection of breast, ovarian cancer more likely thanks to study

29 June, 2017 by

Early detection, more personalised decision-making and prevention strategies for carriers of the BRCA1 or BRCA2 gene mutations are now possible, thanks to a long-term study that followed almost 10,000 women for up to 20 years.

New Indigenous-led suicide program

29 June, 2017 by

Indigenous-led program tackling suicide in Queensland’'s rural and remote communities.

Wash your hands: evidence of how airborne viruses can live up to 45 minutes

27 June, 2017 by

Scientists have developed a new technique to study how some common disease-causing bacteria can spread up to 4 m and remain alive in the air for up to 45 minutes.

Improved use of existing drugs possible for cancer treatment

27 June, 2017 by

Researchers have identified a unique feature of cancer stem cells that can be exploited to kill the deadly cells thought to be the reason that cancer comes back after therapy.

Evidence found of autoimmunity role in Parkinson’s disease

27 June, 2017 by

First direct evidence that abnormal protein in Parkinson's disease triggers immune response.

Digital version of Australian Injectable Drugs Handbook 7th Edition now available

23 June, 2017 by

The Australian Injectable Drugs Handbook (AIDH) 7th Edition is now available, updated and digital, for healthcare professionals administering injectable drugs to patients.

New medical cannabis industry body to position Australia as world leader

22 June, 2017 by

The founder of BuddingTech, a medical cannabis technology start-up, believes an industry body is essential for providing patients, doctors and the community with the right information and access to safe and proven products.

New flu test: one drop of blood could save your life

21 June, 2017 by

A new blood test predicts which influenza patients will develop potentially deadly secondary infections, such as pneumonia.

Acupuncture relieves pain in emergency patients

21 June, 2017 by

Acupuncture, generally regarded as an alternative therapy, has been proven as a safe and effective substitute to pain-relieving drugs for some patients in emergency wards.

"Spending more time whizzing than watching?"

19 June, 2017 by

Prostate health campaign urges men who 'disappear' to consult doctor

Study: Caesarean patients sent home with more narcotic pain medications than needed

15 June, 2017 by Nancy Humphrey

Most women who undergo a caesarean childbirth are prescribed more opioid (narcotic) pain medications than needed upon release from the hospital.

Paediatric protocol reduces missed sepsis diagnoses

14 June, 2017 by

US researchers have developed an electronic sepsis alert, using a combination of vital signs, risk factors and physician judgement, to identify children in a paediatric emergency department with severe sepsis.

A touchy subject — preterm babies' brains respond to contact

13 June, 2017 by

New parents are encouraged to take heart: their touch matters more than they may realise.

Time saved is brain saved

12 June, 2017 by Corin Kelly

Rapid access to stroke treatment made possible through the Victorian Stroke Telemedicine (VST) Program and Australia's first ever dedicated stroke ambulance.

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