Slim Jim™ Step-On: A perfect match for medical facilities

Wednesday, 02 November, 2016

Rubbermaid slim jim step on  containers

Storage and disposal of refuse is a must-have process in the hospital and healthcare workplace. In an environment that is notoriously busy, staff shouldn’t have to worry about where waste must be stored, or the safety risk of tripping over a large bulky bin. It is important that the process of storage and removal is streamlined to ensure a clean and efficient workplace.
As a leading commercial products manufacturer, Rubbermaid Commercial Products (RCP) is committing to sharing its global expertise with the introduction of its Slim Jim™ Step-On containers to healthcare environments Australia wide.
The Slim Jim Step-On refuse container is designed to address issues of workplace safety and cleanliness. The container has a slender design and small footprint, meaning it can fit in tight spaces while not compromising on the ability to hold a large amount of waste. The durable construction allows for a hands-free operation to ensure the user does not have to risk potential contamination.
“The Slim Jim Step-On design and functionality fills the gap in the market for a smarter and safer refuse container. As healthcare and hospital environments get busier the demand for hands-free waste management solutions are increasing,” said Alicia Fenwick, Senior Manager, Brand Marketing at Rubbermaid Commercial Products. “Slim Jim Step-On containers intuitive design helps minimise the risk of cross infection between patients and staff, helping provide a safe and healthy working environment.”
Outstanding durability and flexibility for demanding environments
Containers used in hospitals and healthcare facilities have to carry a variety of medical wastes including corrosive chemicals, potentially infected materials and daily garbage. Extreme durability becomes a key indicator for hospital operators selecting containers for their facilities, they have to ensure during use that their staff don’t come into contact with any of the potentially hazardous waste the containers hold.
RCP’s Slim Jim Step-On containers stand out for their excellent durability, owing to their commercial-grade construction. The step on pedal used by RCP is designed for heavy use environments being tested to 300,000 step-cycles, exceeding competitors and ensuring maximum hands-free life.
The availability of the Slim Jim Step-On in five sizes and eight different colours allows for easy refuse management as NSW based regulations require all waste to be stored in colour coded containers indicating its contents. Through the use of the colour coded system productivity is heightened by reducing the time needed to find the correct bin for the refuse on hand.
The ability to thoroughly clean refuse containers in hospital and healthcare facilities is enhanced by the smooth surface of the Slim Jim Step-On and the round edges that are incorporated into its design. This makes it easy to maintain a hygienic bin and results in the decreased opportunity for pathogens to breed.
The Slim Jim Step-On design not only has safety, time efficiency and functionality in mind. The built in lid dampener ensures a quiet and controlled lid closure that minimises noise; allowing patients and patrons to be undisturbed. The commercial grade foot pedal is engineered for extreme durability, significantly extending the product life and reducing the cost outlay for the business in repurchasing equipment in the future. It also has an internally hinged lid, preventing wall damage when placed flush against the wall.
The Slim Jim Step-On is not only available in five sizes and eight colours, it is also produced in resin and stainless steel with two pedal placements options (front and side), depending on the space in which it will be stored.
The collection also includes containers with dual liner options to facilitate recycling.
The Slim Jim Step-On line can be purchased through distributors nationwide. For more information about the containers or to find an RCP distributor or wholesaler, please visit

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